Intuitive Emergency App

The SOS mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones provides security for lone workers or also for employees who work in threatening situations.

What makes the SOS Mobile App special?

  • Easy installation
  • Alarm triggering via the SOS portal by smartphone
  • No separate pager etc. required
  • Full safety function
  • Manual and automatic alarm initiation

With the SOS Mobile App, the smartphone becomes a personal emergency device and an alarming device certified according to DIN VDE V 0825, which allows a fast and safe alarm to be raised in an emergency. Manual and automatic emergency call functions are available for this purpose. The emergency call is forwarded via the SOS portal over several channels. Details of the person concerned and their position are determined via GPS (outdoor) or with the SOS beacon (indoor). An individual alarm plan is stored in the SOS portal for the incoming alarms. If the emergency call is not accepted, it can be escalated until appropriate measures are initiated. The SOS mobile app is the smart solution, because it means you no longer need a pager for lone workers. Likewise, thanks to the app, employees who are threatened can call for help directly without an alert button.

Once uploaded, the app can be put into operation with little effort – if desired, initially 30 days on a trial basis . It is convenient to use because you are already familiar with the operation of your smartphone and do not need to carry a separate device.

The SOS Mobile App is certified according to DIN VDE V 0825. It enables lone working according to DGUV rule 112-139 and according to SUVA specifications .

Locating the accident site is easily possible both inside a building (BLE) and outdoors (GPS).

Detailed Product Information for Download

Find technical data sheets, operating instructions or other information for download here.

Just Try It Out for a Month!

Test our app for free – with a 30-day demo account. Simply download the app. When you open it for the first time, you can request the free account for the SOS portal without obligation. After approval by Swissphone, your test phase begins. This allows you to benefit fully from the protective functions of the app and to test whether you or your employees would like to use the SOS Mobile app permanently in the future.

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    Why does Swissphone have to activate the SOS Mobile App?

    Swissphone must ensure that the app is correctly linked to the SOS portal and that all functionalities are thus enabled.

    What information can be stored in the solution?

    A great advantage of the solution is its high flexibility. You can store a wide range of documents according to your needs. For example:

    • Building plans
    • Patient information such as allergies, blood group etc.
    • Emergency plans that need to be worked through
    • Contact lists
    • Automatic forwarding (SMS, e-mail, telephone, paging)
    • Etc.

    What is the purpose of the test alarm?

    A test alarm can be sent at any time to ensure that the alarm chain is working. This allows regular checks to be made that the terminals are fully functional and that the alarms are being transmitted according to specifications.

    Who provides assistance in the event of an emergency call?

    Who provides assistance is determined by the deployment plan: A permanently manned control centre processes the emergency calls and coordinates immediate assistance. Either the company’s internal emergency service responds to the emergency calls (e.g. the ambulance service). Or employees who are in the vicinity are informed of the emergency via app, voice or text message or paging.