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Industrial Sector

Safety systems for the industrial sector.

Occupational Safety and Crisis Communication - Recognizing and Reporting Critical Situations in Good Time

In industry, business continuity counts: there must be no downtime, and processes must run with maximum efficiency and safety for people and machines. In an increasingly networked world, this leads to new challenges in “Critical Incident Management”:

Alarms from various systems and emergency calls from employees must be properly managed, processed and directed via control systems in order to reach the right safety specialist quickly and reliably This provides the best prerequisites for keeping occupational safety high and always remaining productive. We have developed our business security system precisely for these applications in industry.

Working Alone

If people get into a critical situation, help must arrive reliably and quickly. To ensure this, Swissphone offers comprehensive emergency call solutions.

The basis is the comprehensive and cloud-based software solution SOS-Portal. It controls the reporting, localisation, escalation and complete documentation of incidents as well as the participant management.

The Swissphone TRIO or app solutions for smartphones are available as emergency call devices. Both allow indoor and outdoor localisation in the event of an alarm. Onsite alerting or a campus network enables fast and reliable communication independent of public infrastructure.


In an emergency, e.g. a case of fire, can you absolutely rely on your alerting and communication – and will you reach your emergency services quickly and reliably? Because staff safety and high downtime costs are at stake, especially in the industrial sectors.

With s.GUARD from Swissphone, you can answer these questions in the affirmative without reservation. The alarm is raised quickly and the necessary forces such as the fire brigade, rescue service, police or crisis team are informed quickly.


Three things are crucial in an evacuation: an appropriate plan, a targeted and preferably graduated alerting within the shortest possible time via various communication channels and, for the people to be evacuated, practised processes. With an evacuation solution from Swissphone based on s.GUARD, you are optimally prepared in terms of alerting.

Cyber Attacks

The frequency is increasing, the damage per case is immense: unfortunately, cyber attacks are now part of everyday life and can also lead to a breakdown of your machines in production. In terms of risk management, you need to prepare accordingly. The s.GUARD platform offers you the appropriate tools for crisis-proof communication independent of your own IT infrastructure.

Technical Fault

Breakdowns and disruptions of production facilities can have a significant impact on productivity and thus on the entire industrial operation. At the same time, the occupational safety of your employees can suffer.

In both cases, the malfunctions should be detected and communicated early and reliably in order to be able to react immediately and limit possible damage. For this task, s.GUARD provides you with a proven and comprehensive alarm solution.

IT Malfunction

In the industrial sector, there are many critical situations that require fast and coordinated alerting. Technical malfunctions, IT alarms, fire or water damage can have costly consequences. Swissphone’s alerting solution reliably ensures that the right people can intervene at an early stage in an emergency. A 2-factor authentication via SMS also makes alerting safer and easier.

Crisis Management

Productive processes require systematic handling of crisis situations. Here you need direct and completely independent access to all necessary emergency documents.

Swissphone offers a crisis communication solution in the industrial sector that provides additional security in exceptional situations: Emergency plan, role-specific documents and to-do checklists are available on a mobile basis after the automated alerting of the crisis team.

Advantages for the Industry

Many solutions (communication, alerting in case of crises, emergencies and malfunctions, …) can be realised on our basic systems.

A redundant design of the entire infrastructure enables high transmission security in every situation.

Swissphone solutions can be flexibly adapted to the individual application.

Many industrial companies in Europe use alarm and communication systems from Swissphone.

The industry is cost-conscious. Swissphone systems are also a very good solution from this point of view.

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