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For the service around the Swissphone pagers and the Switzerland-wide radio network TELEPAGE we are at your side as competent and efficient partners.


Our trained customer service technicians carry out all pager repairs for you. The repairs are invoiced according to our flat-rate price system. To ensure a smooth repair process, please fill out the form below and send it in together with the defective terminal. For older pager models, not all spare parts may be available.

Operating Instructions / Manuals

Here you will find operating instructions/manuals for our products.


You can use our contact form to send us inquiries about our products and solutions.

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POCSAG, IDEA, Roaming & Co. mean nothing to you? That’s no problem. In our glossary you will find simple explanations of the most commonly used terms and abbreviations from the alerting and technology sector.

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Learn more about our accreditations and certificates and simply download the documents.

Quality Management

ISO 9001

We employ a certified quality management system with regulated procedures. This ensures we meet our client’s needs and expectations in full whilst maintaining a policy of continuous improvement.

We have been ISO 9001 certified since 1990.

Information Security & Data Privacy

ISO 27001 & ISO 27701

The security of data and information of our customers, suppliers, service provider and Swissphone itself are important to us. We ensure that legal and normative requirements, our own guidelines and directives are consistently complied with. Therefore Swissphone operates a certified information security and data protection management system in accordance with the ISO 27001 & ISO 27701 standards.

Test Laboratory Accreditation

SN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

This accreditation allows us to carry out the testing of mobile radio systems on behalf of internal and external clients. We gained this official accreditation in 1992, and our test results have full legal status.


Accreditation for the Production of Devices Which Can Be Used in an Explosive Environment

We design, manufacture and distribute equipment for use in potentially explosive environments such as the hazardous areas found in the petrochemical industry. This accreditation ensures full compliance with the applicable laws and standards which govern this type of use. Our devices, processes and documentation are periodically audited by official bodies.

ETSI Full Membership Certificate

ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)

Our membership enables us to contribute our expertise and many years of experience to support the framing of these standards. We thus play an important role in ensuring ETSI standards continue to reflect the impact of cutting-edge technologies.

GS Certificate “Safety Tested” (DE)

We have a GS certificate for our Swissphone SOS emergency call system. This ensures the high demands placed on such systems will always be met. In addition, periodic checks are also made by independent technical agencies.

FAQ: We Answer the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Our Products.

How Can I Send Messages/Alerts to My Pager?

There are simple and comprehensive alerting solutions. Simple solutions are:

  • Telephone calls to the pager
    (only numeric messages possible. Enter the message via the telephone keypad).
  • SMS (only possible with a Swisscom Mobile subscription)
  • The free TELEPAGE app. Download from the Appstore. For prices and login details for free access, please see our access price list.
  • By e-mail. Requires the subscription add-on WE-Mail.


Comprehensive solutions suitable for automated alarms and high volume of messages:

  • Search Compact / I.Search Standard
  • IMASYS Messaging Service: Efficient message dispatch via various interfaces such as XML, SMTP (e-mail to pager), URL (https-request) or via the web application IMASYS WEB
  • IP-Large Account: Fixed IP, you transmit according to UCP/TAP protocol to specific IP addresses.
  • All-IP gateway: You transmit according to UCP/TAP protocol with your OT60 authentication to the All-IP gateway. Dynamic IP management.

Can Paging Messages Be Encrypted?

Yes, paging messages can be encrypted. More information on the topic of encryption.

We would also be happy to advise you on our encryption solutions. Send an e-mail.

I Have Received an Untraceable Message. How Can I Find Out Who Sent It?

The Telecommunications Act prohibits information of any kind that could reveal the sender. We can only provide information to law enforcement authorities in accordance with the legal provisions. If you repeatedly receive messages that are not intended for you, we recommend that you protect your telephone number with a legitimation code. We will gladly send you information by e-mail.

How Can I Order a Pager or Accessories from You?

We are happy to accept orders by e-mail. We also have specialist dealers throughout Switzerland who also sell our products and often have them in stock. Find a specialist dealer near you now.


An Antenna Symbol Appears at the Top of My Display?

This is the field strength alarm. The pager has no reception and therefore cannot receive any messages.

Is Your Network Independent of the Mobile Network?

Yes. We operate a nationwide, stand-alone paging network that is independent of mobile radio. This network transmits in the frequency range from 147,300 to 147,400 (2-metre lower band) and 169,700MHz (2-metre upper band). Due to the frequencies used, very good building penetration is also achieved, often down to the first basement floor.

I Have a Pager That Is Currently Inactive. How Can I Reactivate It?

You can send us an e-mail with the RIC, the frequency and, if available, the previous telephone number. The activation will then take place within the next working day.

Can I Keep the Old Phone Number When I Buy a New Pager?

Yes. As soon as you start using the new pager, we will mutate the phone number in consultation with you and the new pager will have the previous phone number.

We Need a Sole Worker Solution. Is It Possible for You to Visit Us on Site?

Yes, contact us by mail or phone. Together with our sales manager you can arrange an appointment.