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Alarming in a blackout

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Operational – when nothing else works in public.

A rockfall that cuts off a village. A storm that damages power lines: Hardly any natural disaster can be predicted. Neither its exact timing nor its extent. If the power fails for a longer period of time, public internet, telephone connections and mobile phone infrastructure are no longer available. How can urgently needed emergency forces be informed, mobilised and coordinated in case of a blackout? How does an accident victim request help when public infrastructures collapse?

Our self-sufficient alerting and communication system ensures that all elementary connections are maintained. With Swissphone’s independent alerting solution, the emergency command can reach its responders even in the event of a total power failure. Self-sufficient transmitters supplied with emergency power are used for this purpose.

The Swissphone solution for blackouts offers the following advantages:

  • Autonomous alerting on site at the customer and thus independence from third-party infrastructures
  • Based on tried and tested alerting/mobilisation processes
  • Uses existing pagers because autonomous alerting works via the TELEPAGE frequencies used
  • Enables rapid, uninterrupted changeover from normal to stand-alone operation
  • Local, regional and national solutions
  • Triggering of the autonomous messages on site at the transmitter or by radio
  • Customised outdoor area
  • Mobile self-sufficient transmitters that can be placed specifically
  • Emergency call button for alarm triggering by the population

Why private digital alerting networks make sense

How reliable are our networks? How likely or possible is it for hackers to attack infrastructure services? These questions have been intensively discussed in recent months. Public authorities are directly affected by these issues because they also impact their availability to call on first responders.

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    Complete solution for alerting in a blackout


    Accessibility and communication are crucial in the event of a disaster. Thus, complete self-sufficiency is the best form of prevention in a power blackout environment.


    Accessibility and communication are crucial at all times during public safety incidents – even when common communication facilities are not working. For example, people in distress must be able to request help or the fire brigade must be able to respond to a fire. But the members of the crisis team must also be able to communicate with each other and with their task forces. Our self-sufficient alerting and communication system ensures both.

    Alarm management

    The alarm message can be triggered at a terminal, by pressing buttons on the base stations or via radio. Intelligently adding decentralised input points anywhere in the radio network enables multi-way alerting.


    The emergency worker can confirm the alarm message received via pager: “I’m coming”, “I’m not coming”. Predefined messages can also be sent. With the emergency button, the population or the emergency services can request help at any time. The messages are sent out via the connected base stations in the defined transmission area.


    Even in the event of a large-scale power blackout, you remain capable of intervention thanks to regional or cantonal self-sufficient solutions. 

    Four advantages of our blackout alerting solution

    The Swissphone solution in a blackout power failure has decisive advantages for you: security and independence are always central here.

    The entire self-sufficient alarm and communication system from Swissphone can be supplied with emergency power on a customer-specific basis and thus secured.


    The radio network has automatic monitoring by means of patented network status feedback.

    The alarm message can be triggered with a terminal, a keystroke on the base stations or by radio.

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