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Alerting for Emergencies

When it comes to the big picture, there is no room for compromise for authorities and organisations responsible for public safety ). Therefore, the main requirements for an alerting solution are: speed, availability and reliability. Swissphone offers the complete alerting chain in the field of digital alarms from a single source: you can therefore use all the advantages of Swissphone such as express alarm, encryption or hybrid alerting in combination. The solutions are modular, flexible and adaptable to your respective requirements.

Alerting emergency services has been one of Swissphone’s core competencies for decades. Whether terminals or infrastructure: Swissphone’s Multimaster®, Multibaud, Multifrequency and Multialarm technologies can be used individually or together in DiCal alerting networks, depending on topological or customer requirements. With these networks, in short, you can alert faster, with more fail-safe options and over multiple frequencies in the same network.

You can rely on this with our public safety alerting solutions:

  • Absolute reliability of the system 365 days a year over 24 hours a day
  • Possibility of redundancy and emergency power supply for all critical system elements
  • Proven broadcast technology
  • Highest possible radio coverage
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • High network coverage and radio coverage indoors
  • Robust terminals with high reception performance
  • Hybrid and redundant alerting
Complete Solution for Public Safety Alerting

Complete Solution for Public Safety Alerting


Above all, the alerting of emergency forces must be absolutely reliable, fast and secure. Swissphone’s decades of experience from around 250 radio networks and many hundreds of thousands of end devices in use is an invaluable advantage here for the development of new, innovative concepts and technologies. These offer real added value with maximum alerting reliability.


The detection of an event and the transmission of the alarm must be fast and reliable. Based on prepared dispositions, relief organisations such as the fire brigade, rescue service, police or specific specialists are mobilised.

Alarm Management

Secure, targeted and efficient alerting is key to the effective management of an event. We have developed a platform that meets the demand for maximum efficiency and security before, during and after alerting. The platform s.ONE enables the mapping of individual scenarios as “alarm plans”. These alarm plans define in advance who is to be contacted and mobilised in an emergency and how. It also defines in advance who has access to the various documents.


The resource management module also includes the secure management of the terminals and the messages sent. The s.ONE platform provides secure and controlled data management. The remote configuration of pagers in the field ensures that each terminal is always up to date throughout its life cycle. Encryption codes remain protected from unauthorised access, and the transmission of programming data is also encrypted. In addition, the pagers are protected with a random password, this ensures that confidential data remains confidential and that data cannot be altered without being noticed. Our devices alarm reliably even in the most remote locations. The range of powerful and robust pagers / annunciators supports digital and analogue alerting as well as one-way and two-way communication. Messages are transmitted in text or voice form.

Express alerting reduces the alerting time for alarms with multiple RICs many times over. The patented procedure optimises the transmission by linking the call addresses of the task forces together with the alerting text. At the same time, the radio network is relieved or its capacity is significantly increased.


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Keeping an overview despite being on the move: Our solutions for vehicle communication enable fast and reliable data transfer. Complemented by automatic navigation for emergency vehicles, so that help arrives at the right place even faster. Mobilise, communicate and act across channels – our solutions for emergency communications form the hub between all means of communication and subsystems.


After the mission, you can evaluate the activities. In addition, you can analyse the documentation in a targeted manner in order to improve procedures for future events.

Your Advantages for Public Safety Alerting

Many actors are involved in the alerting processes. Based on prepared alarm plans , relief organisations such as fire brigade, rescue service, police or specific specialists are mobilised. These organisations benefit from the numerous advantages of our alerting solutions, and always from the speed and reliability of our applications.

Operations centres can build on the linking of a wide range of communication media.

After receiving the alarm message, the target person can issue a tactical acknowledgement via the menu on the message receiver or via the s.ONE app.

To protect personal data and as an effective measure against sabotage, messages are encrypted with DiCal®. The encryption process was specially designed for digital alerting.

OAP (Over the Air Programming) module, control can be carried out via the air interface.

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