The Solutions from Swissphone

Solutions for the Entire Alerting Process

Our solutions are absolutely flexible and guarantee reliable communication between individual emergency vehicles and all emergency forces during critical events.

Record events quickly and clearly and alert efficiently in a few seconds – thanks to targeted resource management. With our products, you can also document and evaluate operations. In addition, you can choose whether you want to install and manage the solution on your premises or outsource it to the cloud. We also rely on app-based solutions.

Critical incidents require reliable alerting to protect people, buildings and systems. With our critical incident management solutions, you are prepared for crises, emergencies and technical faults. Find the right products and platforms for your needs.

The Advantages of Our Solutions

Critical situations require efficient, reliable and secure alerting and communication solutions. The versatile Swissphone solutions are developed with specific applications in defined industries in mind and are coordinated with each other. The mostly backward-compatible products are also economically worthwhile.


Hybrid alerting on up to six communication paths – we rely on functional and redundant solutions for emergencies.

Highly Available

LTE, pocsag, lpwan: The combination of different technologies for communication ensures a highly available overall system.


Cost Efficiency

A Fully integrated platform instead of different applications: Our solutions score with efficiency and cost savings.


Robust, intuitive, and reliable: Our platforms and terminals are designed for the real thing and have been used for many years.

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