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For 50 years, the Swissphone brand has stood for secure and efficient alerting and communication solutions: We design and implement secure alerting networks, develop and realize innovative software solutions, produce reliable state-of-the-art devices – all of inimitable quality, and all to the most demanding Swiss standards. Not only for emergency services, but also for public authorities, healthcare, industry and the financial sector. We put our mission to protect life and property.

Swissphone: globally linked, locally rooted

There are many reasons why Swissphone and our customers create successful partnerships


Standing still means taking a step backwards. Hence we look ahead to anticipate markets and technologies – and continue to evolve our products and solutions.

Vision & Mission

Our innovations help save lives and protect properties. This is due to our resilient and rapid alerting solutions and comprehensive critical messaging portfolio.


Our core principles are valuing and respecting our customers and colleagues, which is why we adopt an innovative and customer-oriented business model.

50th Anniversary 

Celebrating our 50th anniversary as a technology company in 2019 makes us feel both happy and proud.

50 years of Experience and Expertise

Our partners and long-standing customers are the bedrock of our success. They constantly challenge us to excel and drive our desire to achieve peak performance.


As a Swissphone customer, you can absolutely rely upon our typically Swiss approach to safety, reliability and precision.

Swissphone projects at a glance.

We operate in many countries around the globe with five main offices.


Solution | Zurich | Switzerland | 2017

Rescue Prague

Alerting network | Prague | Czech Republick | 2001

Paging for Swedish Sea Rescue Society

Pager | Stockholm | Sweden | 2017

Major Hospital

Alerting network & Pager | Cambridge | UK

Mat-Su Alaska

DiCal Network | Palmer, Alaska | USA

Black Hawk County

DiCal Network | Waterloo, Iowa | USA

Fire Department

Pager | Weaverville, California | USA

Fire Department

Pager | Ashville, North Carolina | USA

Fire Department

Pagers| Heber City , Utha | USA


Pagers&Networks| Sheffield, Yorkshire | UK

Major hospital

Pagers&Networks| Karachi | Pakistan

Fire Department Ontario

Pager | Ontario | Canada


Pager | Vancouver Island | Canada

Fire Department Manitoba

Pager | Manitoba | Canada

Fire Department

Pager | Newfoundland | Canada

Worldmap Swissphone Projects Switzerland

Solutions | Zurich| Switzerland| 2017


Solution & Paging | Lenzburg | Zurich | Switzerland | 2016

Emergency Call Solutions

Solution & Paging | Schaffhausen | Switzerland | 2018

Emergency Call Solutions

Solution | Zug | Switzerland | 2018

Self-reliant Telepaging

Solution | Liestal | Switzerland | 2018

SOS Lone Worker

Solution & Pager | Steffisburg, Thun | Switzerland | 2015

Implementation of 1700 pager

Paging | Pirna, Sachsen | Germany | 2016/17

Implementation of 1600 pager

Paging | Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern| Germany | 2015/16

Vehicle equipment with DiCal-RED

Vehicle Communication | Chemnitz, Sachsen | Germany | 2018


Headquaters Communication | Starnberg, Bavaria | Germany | 2017


Operations Centre Gundelfingen | Gundelfingen, Baden-Württemberg | Germany | 2019

Implementation of POCSAG alerting

Digital alert | Diepholz, Niedersachsen | Germany | 2019

Upgrate of digital alerting

Digital alert | Berlin | Germany | 2019

POCSAG alerting implementation

Digital alert | Meschede, Nordrhein-Westfalen | Germany | 2018

POCSAG alerting implementation

Digital alert | Aalen, Baden-Württemberg | Germany | 2018

Update of digitak alerting

Digital alert | Saarbrücken, Saarland| Germany | 2016

Installation of I.SEARCH at atomic plant

Industrial alert | Jäntschwalde, Brandenburg | Germany | 2018

Operations centre

Controll centre communication | Bissingen, Baden-Württemberg| Germany | 2018

Operations centre Alzey

Controll centre communication | Alzey, Rheinland-Pfalz| Germany | 2019

Swissphone Projects USA world map
Black Hawk County

DiCal Network | Waterloo, Iowa | USA

Fire Department

Pager | Ashville, North Carolina | USA

USA-Racom (Dubuque) Network with ITC and I.SEARCH

DiCal Network | DuBuque, Iowa | USA

Fire Department

Pager | Weaverville, California | USA


DiCal network | Palmer, Alaska | USA

Racom (Iowa Co.) Network With ITC

DiCal Network | Marengo, Iowa | USA

Fire Department

Pagers| Conway, South Carolina | USA

Fire Department

Pagers| Spokane, Washington | USA

Fire Department

Pagers| Everett, Washington | USA

Fire Department

Pagers| Heber City , Utha | USA

Fire Department

Pagers| Telluride, Colorado| USA

Fire Department

Pagers| Yellowstone, Wyoming| USA

Retail (Multitple Locations)

IDR/ MS-Pocsag| Batavia, Illinois| USA


Pagers&Networks| Sheffield, Yorkshire | UK

Major Hospital

Alerting network & Pager | Cambridge | UK

Major Hospital

Alerting network & Pager | Cambridge, Lancashire | UK

SDIS de la Meurthe-et-Moselle(54)

Alerting network| Nancy | France | 2017

SDIS de la Moselle (57)

Alerting network | Metz| France

SDIS des Vosges (88)

Alerting network | Golbey | France

SDIS de l’Ain (01)

Alerting network | Bourg-en-Bresse | France


Réseau d’alerte | Meurthe-et-Moselle | France | 2017


Réseau d’alerte | Eure et Loir | France | 2018


Réseau d’alerte | France | 2014


Réseau d’alerte | France | 2002


Terminaux | Loir & Cher | France


Terminaux | Pyrénées Atlantiques | France


Terminaux | Saône & Loire | France


Terminaux | Haute-Vienne | France










s.ONE Fleet for remote programming

Experience more



FDIC 2020

The FDIC offers a platform for an active exchange between suppliers and consumers of the different areas in the fire brigade sector.


Maintel and Swissphone partner to serve the NHS

Maintel and Swissphone partner to serve the NHS

Maintel and Swissphone are proud to announce a strategic partnership for the distribution and service of class-leading critical messaging solutions for the healthcare sector in the UK. Since joining forces in January 2019, Maintel and Swissphone have already won a number of large projects in NHS Trust hospitals, with further projects in the pipeline.
Swissphone: Future-oriented succession plan and 50th-anniversary celebration

Swissphone: Future-oriented succession plan and 50th-anniversary celebration

As part of Swissphone Wireless AG’s corporate succession arrangements, the shareholdings of this leading provider of critical messaging and alerting solutions will be immediately transferred to the present management team and a group of entrepreneurs from Switzerland and Germany.

New Products

Now available

New Module: s.ONE Fleet

Swissphone has expanded its s.ONE software solution with an additional module, s.ONE Fleet. This provides for fast updates and centralised management of pager data such…
Now available

RES.Q pager with LTE IoT mobile technology

The latest generation of the RES.Q terminal for fast feedback and reliable hybrid alerting via the latest LTE IoT mobile technology.
Our Partners are an integral part at our success.

Solutions for different industries.

Our challenge: apply a solution for almost any kind of requirements.

Public Safty

Health Care

Manufacturing & Utilities

Charlie Cunningham, IT Engineer from Swann-Morton company.

«The Swissphone solution has definitely benefited us over the old system, and it has allowed for a lot of future- proofing with for example the planning and installation of a defibrillation  system that works with the paging  system to ensure the rapid response of staff members when needed. It allows us to make a lot more improvements and make everyday life more effective.»

IT Services

Facility Management

Public Facilities

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