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Critical Incident Management

Efficiently Handle and Intelligently Manage Disruptions, Emergencies and Crises


Software as a service is based on an intelligent modular platform.

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End-To-End solutions include all services and concepts from a single source.

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High availability

Secure Value: We go one step further with our self-sufficient solutions.

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Alerting Solutions for Critical Events

Disruptions, emergencies and crises pose many individual challenges. Therefore, the spectrum of responses must function in an equally versatile manner. For this purpose, Swissphone developed a comprehensive, integrated overall concept: For managing critical events in companies and authorities. For alerting and mobilizing blue-light organizations.

Uncompromisingly Reliable:
To Protect People and Asset

Decisive action is indispensable in security. This applies to all critical points in chains of events. Before, during and after an incident. Priorities must be set correctly here. Because the protection of people and values always has priority. This is how our proactive incident management ensures the continued existence of companies.

Complete Concept:
Your Modular Total Solution for More Security


Manage disruptions, emergencies and crises extraordinarily effectively. Alert the responsible persons quickly and reliably, control processes proactively and dynamically. Our platforms, infrastructure and terminals serve this purpose.

Experienced and Committed. In Innovation and Integration.

… Is safety. because only if all critical points meet the highest requirements is the prerequisite for safety-relevant processes given. 99.999 % availability – a probability of failure that approaches zero.

Our innovation leads to significantly more lives saved and property better protected. Thanks to faster alert times and a comprehensive critical incident solution.

Reliability, safety and precision are the typical swiss qualities that you can rely on as a Swissphone customer.

Our long-standing customers and partners form the basis for our success. They challenge us again and again – and thus drive us to peak performance.

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