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Alarming in a blackout

Verlässliche Erreichbarkeit gegen jede Widrigkeit.

Operational – when nothing else works in public.

A rockfall that cuts off a village. A storm that damages power lines: Hardly any natural disaster can be predicted. Neither its exact timing nor its extent. If the power fails for a longer period of time, public internet, telephone connections and mobile phone infrastructure are no longer available. How can urgently needed emergency forces be informed, mobilised and coordinated in case of a blackout? How does an accident victim request help when public infrastructures collapse?

Our self-sufficient alerting and communication system ensures that all elementary connections are maintained. With Swissphone’s independent alerting solution, the emergency command can reach its responders even in the event of a total power failure. Self-sufficient transmitters supplied with emergency power are used for this purpose.


The Swissphone solution for blackouts offers the following advantages:

  • Autonomous alerting on site at the customer and thus independence from third-party infrastructures
  • Based on tried and tested alerting/mobilisation processes
  • Uses existing pagers because autonomous alerting works via the TELEPAGE frequencies used
  • Enables rapid, uninterrupted changeover from normal to stand-alone operation
  • Local, regional and national solutions
  • Triggering of the autonomous messages on site at the transmitter or by radio
  • Customised outdoor area
  • Mobile self-sufficient transmitters that can be placed specifically
  • Emergency call button for alarm triggering by the population

The Swissphone solution in a blackout power failure has decisive advantages for you: security and independence are always central here.

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Alarming in a blackout