Every industry has different requirements.

Alarm Solutions for Industries

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Alarm Solutions According to Sectors

Companies in different industries have different requirements for alarm solutions. We offer the optimal solution for every requirement. Our alerting solutions are tailored to the needs of different industries and support you in targeted and secure alerting and communication.

The All-Round Solution for Every Event

The All-Round Solution for Every Event

Whether it’s a fire at an industrial plant, a cyber attack on the public administration or communication with emergency services: with Swissphone’s solutions you are prepared for any incident. Intuitive software solutions take care of alarm management and redundant alerting solutions ensure reliable and secure transmission of alarms to all parties involved. With targeted follow-up and prevention, you are optimally prepared for the next critical situation.

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    s.GUARD: Critical Incident Management for Every Industry

    s.GUARD: Critical Incident Management for Every Industry

    If an employee in the public administration triggers a silent alarm, this is immediately reported to the right people via the s.GUARD alarm platform. If there is a critical situation that requires a building evacuation, the right people, such as floor managers, are alerted and can ensure a smooth evacuation thanks to optimal prevention. No matter what critical event occurs – with s.GUARD as an all-round solution, you are optimally prepared.

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