Danger from Cyber Attacks

No company is safe: here, measures must always grow and evolve to meet the threat.

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Cybersecurity: Innovative Action against New Threats

The frequency is increasing. The damage per case is immense: cyberattacks on companies have continued to increase since the coronavirus pandemic. Yet there are many companies that are not sufficiently prepared for cyber attacks in terms of risk management and prevention. The spectrum of an attack on the IT infrastructure ranges from sabotage to information misappropriation to blackmail. It is high time to focus on the topic of cybersecurity.

Swissphone offers complete solution packages against these cyber crimes. The s.GUARD platform includes the appropriate tools for crisis-proof communication – independent of your own IT infrastructure. Even in extreme cases, s.GUARD allows your teams to maintain communication and collaboration for crisis management.

The Swissphone solution against cyber attacks offers:

  • Cloud solution with GDPR data protection
  • Autonomous communication and collaboration
  • Automated mobilisation of the right people and teams
  • App for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS as well as WEB browser
  • On and offline access to relevant documents and checklists
  • Independence from existing IT
  • Flexible services
  • Digital crisis team room with scenarios, documents and video
  • Automatic matching of customer documents thanks to own development team

Total Solution against Cyber Attacks


Damage from cyber attacks can be immense. In the worst case, entire companies can be incapacitated for days or weeks. Nevertheless, one can prepare oneself against this: In addition to investing in cyber security, the crisis-proof, independent s.GUARD platform can contain a defined scenario adapted to the individual case for immediate damage minimisation.


If there is an indication of a cyber attack, you need to act immediately and trigger predefined processes. Therefore, it is enormously important that no time is lost in mobilising the appropriate staff – such as the crisis team, internal and external IT specialists, customer service, legal and PR departments.

With s.GUARD, mobilisation is simple, automated and fast. The app or a call to a dedicated number can be used to start a conference call directly. s.GUARD is also suitable for mass communication with your employees.

Alarm Management

The crisis team assesses the severity of the threat. It communicates with the IT department and other relevant stakeholders via s.GUARD. In s.GUARD, it can be determined in advance who would be involved in which event, depending on the scenario. Thanks to integrated duty rosters and the acknowledgement function, the individual functionaries can be called out automatically by means of escalation – even as deputies. In this way, business-critical information can be shared securely. Valuable time is gained to prevent worse.

Digital Crisis Team

The secure “Collab” solution from Swissphone provides the crisis team with a communication platform where the individual teams can meet by video, work together on documents, sketch solutions on whiteboards and record everything in an audit-proof manner. In addition, other specialists can be called in on an ad hoc basis. The platform can also be used without restriction as a “digital crisis management room” in the event of a total IT failure in the company.


After a cyber attack, thanks to the s.GUARD post-log, mobilisation and crisis management can be reproduced, i.e. all initiated steps for alarm triggering, management and intervention. You can track and evaluate actions of the intervention teams. This allows you to quickly identify any corresponding potential for improvement.

Four Advantages of Your Cyber Attack Solutions

The Swissphone solution s.GUARD offers you decisive advantages against cyber crime: reliable connections are its pivotal point.

Thanks to your alert plan: During a cyber attack, you remain able to communicate with employees and managers via an autonomous platform and manage the crisis in a coordinated manner.

If your IT environment is attacked and blocked, you still have access to your document management system. Even offline, you can access essential documents immediately and independently in an emergency.

Your needs are our priority: Our staff in Switzerland will support you at all times during the project and operation.

As a Swiss company, we are committed to the traditions of quality, security and data protection.

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    FAQ – The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Our Solutions for Cyber Attacks

    How can failures/failures of your IT be detected?

    Network monitoring solutions can also be connected via the open interface. With the help of common standards (such as SNMP and WMI), these solutions are able to identify almost every device in your network and include it in the monitoring. If the network monitoring solution detects a fault, the responsible persons are alerted.

    How can s.GUARD help you to prevent crises due to disruptions/failures in your IT?

    Ideally, disruptions or problems are resolved as quickly as possible so that crises do not develop in the first place. With s.GUARD, you always reliably and efficiently reach the persons responsible for the respective situation, who are responsible for rectifying faults or initiating the necessary measures to deal with the problem.

    How are the responsible persons informed about critical events?

    Responsible parties such as IT managers or IT operations staff can be alerted on multiple channels (app, SMS, email, voice, pager) (simultaneously, staggered or as part of an orderly escalation). 

    “Who” should be contacted during critical incidents “How” via which “channel” is defined by your IT incident management and crisis management concept. With s.GUARD it is possible for you to map almost any process that an alerting procedure and mobilisation plan require.

    Danger from Cyber Attacks