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Critical Communication

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Reliable Communication for Emergencies

Critical or extraordinary situations require efficient, reliable and secure alerting and crisis communication – in the shortest possible time. What are the consequences if systems or people fail? What are the consequences if fire brigades and rescue forces are understaffed or cannot be alerted and mobilised due to technical problems or a blackout? 

The versatile Swissphone solutions are developed with specific applications in defined industries in mind and are coordinated with each other. As a result, they fit together seamlessly: from secure alerting networks to software-as-a-service and vehicle navigation to terminals. They are tailored to the needs of the specific area of application, tested and of the highest availability and reliability – because every second counts.

Components for Communication

Mission Communication

Control centres, operations centres and command vehicles, ambulances and rescue vehicles – they all have to be able to communicate and act reliably via different channels in an emergency. To do this, they depend on the linking of the most diverse means of communication and control systems such as telephony, radio, alarms and building services.

Our emergency communication solutions enable efficient cross-channel command and control, supported by automated alerting processes. The integration of satellite-based communication creates additional redundancy. It enables secure data and voice communication at all times, even if terrestrial connections fail.

The eriX® radio/wire interrogator connects the most diverse means of communication and subsystems such as telephony, radio, building technology, voice documentation and alarming with each other. With the intuitive touch user interface, communication and control tasks can be handled easily and reliably. This ensures reliable and crisis-tested operational communication.

Vehicle Communication

The economical use of vehicles is also a must for authorities and organisations with security tasks. For emergency vehicles of fire brigade, rescue service and police the financial aspect plays an important role, but other things have to be guaranteed as well: Crisis communication should be highly available, the emergency forces must arrive quickly at the scene of the incident, aid deadlines must be met and, increasingly, the transmission of information must be tap-proof. 

Group Communication

Security-critical communication plays a key role in your business processes and operational scenarios. Therefore, it is important to you that the rapid distribution of information via voice, text messages, videos, images or data to any number of people and groups is encrypted and tap-proof. 

s.TALK is a flexible and reliable push-to-talk solution that stands for borderless group communication. Thanks to the networking of smartphones, tablets and PC workstations, you can connect people and teams easily, flexibly and securely. It does not matter whether two or any number of people communicate with each other.

The central core of s.TALK is a redundant server. Android smartphones/tablets or laptops are available as end devices. The connection between the devices is realised on an IP basis (worldwide, in real time) and the existing data connections of the mobile networks or alternatively via WLAN.

Mass Communication

In extraordinary situations, the first step is to mobilise emergency forces, crisis teams and intervention teams. In a second step, they need technical support to manage the situation so that the responsible bodies can communicate with each other safely. 

Direct communication through various channels with employees, citizens and customers can also contribute significantly to an efficient management of the situation.

With s.GUARD you can reach practically any number of people with information – whether text, sound, image or video. If necessary, all or some of these stakeholders can also be included in response processes. s.GUARD also covers aspects of group communication and operational communication: For example, the platform enables collaboration between people with group chats and gathers members of crisis teams in telephone conferences at the push of a button.

s.GUARD is a flexible platform for managing critical incidents. Its functions can be used for the preparation and prevention of events as well as for their management or for follow-up and documentation.

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    Critical Communication