Communication System eriX®

Communication organisation for control centres

The eriX® communication system connects the different means of communication with each other. This makes it the optimal organiser for communication in control centres, operations centres and industry.

What makes the eriX® communication system different?

  • Connection of telephony, radio, SMS, e-mail and building technology, alarming and building technology, enabling critical messaging to and from multiple sources  
  • Comfortable and intuitive touch user interface for ease of use
  • Integrated language documentation
  • Complete integration of building services (also EIB/KNX) via LAN, enabling smart-building messaging
  • Connection of analogue and TETRA BOS radio

The eriX® communication system relieves the hectic day-to-day workload of the command and control centre. On the one hand, it creates the conditions for simple, reliable and fast handling of communication and control tasks. On the other hand, the automatic implementation of complex alerting processes facilitates the work. The eriX® communication system offers the possibility to trigger automatic actions by different input events (such as alarm, communication means, building management system or on-site). Fire alarm, e-mails or other hazard detectors can, for example, trigger lights, gates or a self-alarm via POCSAG Paging , SDS or 5-Ton and immediately forward it to the responsible persons.

Voice-over-IP means that there are no restrictions on telephone systems. Radio or ELA channels can be controlled and listened to at the same time.

Regardless of whether it is conventional relay technology or networking via EIB/KNX bus – the eriX® communication system offers modularity. Since the building services are connected via LAN, any PC workstation can control the hardware.

Through interfaces to subsystems, POCSAG Paging alarms can also be triggered and received in the eriX® communication system. In this way, incoming POCSAG alarms can control different relay contacts or EIB addresses through the eriX® matrix function and trigger any number of actions.

In the event of an alarm from the control centre, the user can freely define which building services contacts are used to switch on lights and open access gates, for example. This is a real added value for operations at night to avoid accidents in and around the building.