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We offer public safety organisations perfectly tailored solutions for the entire alerting chain. Rely on highly secure digital alerting networks, sophisticated software platforms and robust terminals. Because when it comes down to it, every second counts.

All-Round Solution for the Public Safety Alert Chain

All-Round Solution for the Public Safety Alert Chain


If an emergency occurs, communication with responders has to happen quickly. Have you been able to alert enough emergency personnel with the necessary qualifications? Are they operational within a reasonable time? What happens if a radio network fails and an emergency occurs; how are the intervention forces alerted? Both in everyday life and in exceptional situations such as a blackout, cellular or internet outage alerting and communication systems of the emergency services must function reliably. With the highly available and redundant alerting solutions from Swissphone, you are optimally prepared in every respect.

Alerting & Mobilisation

Event detection, alarm management and transmission must be fast and reliable. Based on defined deployment scenarios, control centres and alerting officers must be able to activate the required resources for the corresponding emergency at any time. You can reliably reach your emergency forces via highly available alerting solutions such as paging networks or web-based alerting platforms. You also have a data protection-compliant overview of the availability of your resources at all times. Availability of your resources.


Pagers, Apps and Vehicle Communication

Our pagers alert even in the most remote locations. The powerful and robust radio pagers enable digital, analogue or even voice alerting, depending on your requirements. In addition to alerting individual emergency forces, we also offer solutions for alerting the population via sirens or fully integrated vehicle communication.

Devices for alerting: radio network monitoring, control, fault...

Communication in an Emergency

Control centres, operations centres and emergency vehicles must be able to communicate and act reliably via various channels in the event of an emergency. To do this, they depend on the integration of a wide variety of communication means and control systems such as telephony, radio, alarms and building services. Our emergency communication solutions enable efficient cross-media alerting, communication and control, supported by automated alerting processes.

Resource Management in the Public Safety Sector

In the best-case scenario, the alerting agency knows the availability of the availability of the emergency forces before the alarm is raised – thanks to the resource management platform from Swissphone. If alarm plans cannot be fulfilled due to a lack of emergency personnel, you can quickly alert additional personnel. Operators confirm alerts simply by pressing a button (“I’m coming” / “I’m not coming”). Thanks to the feedback via pagers or smartphones, you can send the personnel you actually need to the scene of the incident in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This makes the entire alerting process safer and more efficient.

Advantages for Blue Light Organisations

High Availability

Thanks to system redundancy and numerous fallback levels


Thanks to optimised alerting and feedback via bidirectional devices


Time and cost savings through efficient use of resources

Data Protection

Guaranteed data protection despite state-of-the-art technologies

White Paper “Modern Alerting Infrastructure”

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