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Die Themen Hochverfügbarkeit, Sicherheit und Robustheit dominieren bei Swissphone alle Service- und Lösungsebenen. Einen Schwerpunkt in diesem Rahmen bilden Alarmierung und Mobilisierung. Dazu kommt das konsistente Management kritischer Ereignisse sowie die effiziente digitale Krisenkommunikation.
Mit über 50 Jahren Erfahrung sind wir Ihre Experten für Sicherheit und moderne Alarmierungslösungen. Wir stellen Ihnen unsere Geschichte, Standorte, Vision und das Management hinter der Swissphone Group vor.

Our history

Our vision - this is what we stand for

With our state-of-the-art solutions focused on alerting and critical incident management, we protect people and assets – and make the world safer.

Because only if all critical points meet the highest requirements is the prerequisite for many security-relevant processes given. 99.999 % availability – a probability of failure that approaches 0.

Our innovation leads to significantly more lives being saved and property being better protected. Thanks to faster alarm times and comprehensive critical incident solutions

Reliability, security and precision are the typical Swiss qualities you can rely on as a Swissphone customer.

Our long-standing customers and partners form the basis of our success. They challenge us again and again – and thus drive us to peak performance.

Swissphone Group locations


Our headquarters are located in Samstagern near Zurich. Our processes are coordinated from here – from product development to original Swiss production.

Swissphone Wireless AG
Fälmisstrasse 21
CH-8833 Samstagern

Tel.: +41 44 786 77 70
Hotline: +41 848 88 99 99
E-Mail: info@swissphone.com


Swissphone LLC
561 Garden Drive, Unit D
Windsor, CO 80550

Tel: +18005961914
E-Mail: info.usa@swissphone.com


Swissphone Telecommunications GmbH
Industriestrasse 51
D-79194 Gundelfingen

Tel: +4976159050
E-Mail: vertrieb@swissphone.de


Swissphone Austria GmbH
Perfektastrasse 61/2/3
A-1230 Wien

Tel.: +43 1 493 13 41
E-Mail: office@swissphone.at


Swissphone SARL
98bis, Boulevard de la Reine
F-78000 Versailles

Tel.: +33 1 30 84 18 18
E-Mail: info@swissphone.fr

Swissphone´s Leadership

Pascal Jaggi
Pascal Jaggi
Robert Schumacher
Robert Schumacher
Harald Pfurtscheller
Harald Pfurtscheller
Tanja Burgener
Tanja Burgener
Christian Hasenfratz
Christian Hasenfratz
Dominic Suter
Dominic Suter
Working at Swissphone

Working at Swissphone

We are looking for smart minds and strong characters who want to actively shape the future of alerting and critical messaging together with us. Are you looking for a job that makes sense and can save lives? Do you feel comfortable in a family business with strong regional roots that operates globally? Then join us on our journey with a lot of commitment and even more passion – let’s tackle it together.
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