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We offer you a wide range of pagers, which we have developed on the basis of decades of experience. We have always been guided by the requirements of our customers and have continuously developed our products.
Each model is suitable for a specific, well-defined field of application. The features of all series include a long service life without failures and the need for repairs, as well as ergonomic operation. Additional equipment and software options allow Swissphone pagers to be optimally adapted to the individual application.


Robust terminals with maximum accessibility


Long battery life


50 years of experience in development


Made in Switzerland

Our Pagers for Efficient Alerting

With our pagers, you can reliably alert your emergency services even in the most remote locations. A significant advantage: if public networks are overloaded, Swissphone pagers continue to function independently. We offer you the option of one-way or two-way communication.

These are the central criteria according to which we develop our terminals:


Two-Way Pager

Pagers with a feedback channel enable optimal dispatching of your emergency forces. The alarm is followed by feedback from the emergency forces as to who is available. In this way, you can send out alerts in a targeted manner and according to your needs. The return channel is realised by means of a built-in mobile radio module and can also be used for hybrid message transmission. You have the choice between three high-quality pager series.

s.QUAD C55 pager front view, without background
s.QUAD C55

Maximum protection for lone working


Safety for Lone Workers


Future-proof Hybrid Alerting

s.QUAD C45

Hybrid Alerting and SOS Emergency Call Function

s.QUAD C35

Hybrid Alerting and Feedback of Availabilities

One-Way Pager

If you use radio alarm receivers without a return channel for alerting, we offer you various models with different property profiles.

s.QUAD Voice

Up to 16 minutes of voice memory

s.QUAD X15

Excellent reception, extremely robust

s.QUAD X35

Multi-colour alarm LED


Text and voice alerting in one device


Alerting in potentially explosive atmospheres


The robust comfort pager was specially designed for people who work...

Analogue Pager

Individual fixed texts for 64 addresses and large voice memory: the...

Pager Accessories

Pager Accessories

Chargers, protective bags, terminal testers and more: With the right accessories, your pagers will fit even better into the everyday work of your emergency forces. All parts are perfectly matched to the respective series. Discover our practical pager accessories .

To Pager Accessories

Swissphone Tip

Our terminals are robust and designed for demanding applications. Nevertheless, they need some care to work reliably for a long time. In our blog post on this topic, you will learn how to properly care for and disinfect your Swissphone pager.

Your Pager Options

Our pagers can be optimally adapted to the respective application through various options and communication technologies.

IDEA™ Encryption Technology

The IDEA™ encryption used by Swissphone enables secure transmission of confidential messages. All messages are encrypted (end to end) from the input to the pager and thus cannot be read by unauthorised persons

Express Alarm®

If you want to send the same alarm text to several groups or individuals, then you save valuable time with the Express-Alarm®. By linking several call addresses with the alarm text, the amount of data to be sent and thus the time for sending the alarm is reduced.

Hybrid Paging

The dual hybrid solution combines the reliability of paging alerts with the advantages of commercial mobile networks. The alarm message is sent to the pager via paging and via LTE. Only the faster of the alert messages is shown on the display, the other is suppressed.

Wide PLL

The reception frequency can be programmed within a bandwidth of up to 10 MHz.


The terminal can be connected to a smartphone to use the various s.ONE software solutions from Swissphone.

eco mode

The eco mode extends the operating time. The display is switched off completely after a certain time. It switches on again automatically when a key is pressed.


GLOBE is an option for replacing text patterns. Alarm messages can either be suppressed or replaced with constant text.


With this option, messages can be received on the analogue radio network as well as on the digital POCSAG network in the same terminal. This is convenient for applications where voice and text messages are required. This option also allows migration to POCSAG digital technology while retaining analogue terminals.

Explosion Protection

An ATEX-compliant pager is approved for use in areas with highly flammable gas-air mixtures (gas Ex zone 1; protection class II 2G EEx ib IIC T4). It can be used without risk even in the most sensitive zones.


The RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) is an indicator of the quality of the received radio signal over the air. The higher this value, the better the reception at that location. The value is indicated on the unit by a bar graph. In combination with the return channel, the RSSI can be sent back to a system for quality control

Radio Data Module DiCal-RED

The DiCal-Red radio data module reliably guides you to your...

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