s.QUAD C35

Feedback of availabilities and hybrid alerting

As a unique pager in its class, the s.QUAD C is equipped with a mobile radio module and integrated eSIM. Thus, the two-way pager with innovative design offers hybrid alerting and allows feedback for emergency services. Benefit when you buy an s.QUAD C model: we’ll give you seven years of unlimited data volume.*

The product is only available in markets like Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Free data volume  applies only to countries like Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.


What makes the s.QUAD C35 model stand out?

  • Use of a eSIM with integrated connectivity
  • Excellent reception characteristics, also in mobile radio operation
  • Up to seven days of battery life, whilst being connected permanently to the mobile phone network
  • Extremely robust, dust and waterproof

With its integrated mobile radio module, the digital pager meets the requirements of the latest technological developments in the network infrastructure and can therefore thus also be used for future-oriented IoT projects. This also enables the demand for the much sought-after remote configuration and allows firmware updates regardless of location.

Other features of the pager are excellent reception (sensitivity 2µV/m) and a configurable loud alarm, with up to 95 dB. The pager can withstand exposure to dust and splash water as well as a drop from a height of two meters. These features help prevent damage and reduce operating costs.

In power management, the proven standard AA round cell excels with its long runtime and masters an operating time of up to seven days with constant mobile network connection. In POCSAG mode, the runtime increases to several weeks.

With the LTE module, the pager enables alerting via POCSAG and mobile network technology. Feedback is therefore thus guaranteed, and an on-demand follow-up alerting ensures high efficiency and speed in alerting.


Ergonomic operation and optimal high wearing comfort ensures acceptance by the users.

Areas of Application

  • Alerting
  • Emergency call (industry, public authorities)
  • On-call duties


User Manual

Relevant Industries


  • Excellent reception performance with 2.0 μV/m at 512 bit/s
  • Alarm volume > 95 dB(A) at 30 cm

Find Further Information to Download

Technical Datasheet
Manual of Instruction
Tips for Linking Pager with the Smartphone
Pager at One Glance

Your Pager-Options

If you want to send the same alarm text to several groups or individuals, then you save valuable time with the Express Alarm®. By linking several call addresses with the alarm text, the amount of data to be sent and thus the time for sending the alarm is reduced.

GLOBE is a replace text pattern option that allows you to either suppress text or replace it with a fixed text. In an idle state, the pager is set in sleep mode with the display switched off. At all times, the pager remains active and ready to receive alarm signals.

The RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) is an indicator of the quality of the received radio signal over the air. The higher this value, the better the reception at that location. The value is indicated on the unit by a bar graph. In combination with the return channel, the RSSI can be sent back to a system for quality control.

Swissphone’s IDEA™ encryption enables the secure transmission of confidential messages. All messages are encrypted (end to end) from the input to the pager and thus cannot be read by unauthorized persons.

The reception frequency can be programmed within a bandwidth of up to 10 MHz

In an idle state, the pager is set in a sleep mode with the display switched off. At all times, the pager remains active and ready to receive alarm signals.

How to Maintain Your Pager

How to Maintain Your Pager

So that your pager serves you well for a long time: How to disinfect and care for your pager properly.

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