Pager s.QUAD X15

Robust and Impossible to Ignore

Loud, robust, with the best reception: these are the essential features of the s.QUAD X15 pager. In addition to the intuitive operation, the pager.

What makes the s.QUAD X15 pager?

  • “Best in Class” reception, even when other devices are not receiving messages
  • 16 call addresses (RICs) with 4 subaddresses each for flexible individual and group alarms
  • High resolution display for over 200 characters per page for good readability even with complex messages

The s.QUAD X15 is the entry-level device of the universally applicable s.QUAD series. Its key features include excellent reception (sensitivity 2µV/m) and a loud alert tone with up to 95 dB. The pager is just as protected against external influences such as water or dust as it is when dropped from a height of two meters. Not for nothing, the device is considered robust and can be worn in any situation. This robustness in turn has a positive effect on your costs. The s.QUAD X15 is less susceptible to repair and shows extreme longevity. With the s.QUAD X15 you benefit from a long runtime of up to three months, with only one battery charge.

Best-in-class reception among POCSAG pagers. Therefore users can receive their messages, reliably, wherever they are.

Ergonomic operation and comfort ensure best acceptance by the users.

Possibility of connection with a smartphone, to enable hybrid alrerting and message acknowledgement

Areas of Application

  • Alerting
  • Emergency call (industry, authorities etc.)
  • On-call services (e.g. service technicians)

Relevant Industries

  • Healthcare
  • Blue light sector
  • Industry


  • Alerting via POCSAG
  • Connection with smartphone
  • Excellent reception performance with 2.5 μV/m at 1200 bit/s
  • Alarm volume > 95 dB(A) at 30 cm

Your Pager Options

The IDEA™ encryption used by Swissphone enables secure transmission of confidential messages. All messages are encrypted (end to end) from the input to the pager and thus cannot be read by unauthorised persons. The 128-bit keys used provide one of the highest levels of security currently available.

If you want to send the same alarm text to several groups or individuals, then you save valuable time with the Express-Alarm®. By linking several call addresses with the alarm text, the amount of data to be sent and thus the time for sending the alarm is reduced.

The terminal can be connected to a smartphone to use the various s.ONE software solutions from Swissphone.

The reception frequency can be programmed within a bandwidth of up to 10 MHz.

GLOBE is an option for replacing text patterns. Alarm messages can either be suppressed or replaced with constant text.

The eco mode extends the operating time. The display is switched off completely after a certain time. It switches on again automatically when a key is pressed.

Pager Care

Pager Care

So that your pager serves you well for a long time: How to disinfect and care for your pager properly.

For Pager Maintenance

Pager s.QUAD X15 in Use

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