Personal Emergency Signal Device TRIO

Safety for lone workers

The TRIO lone worker alerting device automatically or manually sends an emergency call together with the position data if a person working alone is in distress. In this way, the person in distress can be found quickly.

What makes the TRIO stand out?

  • Accurate positioning indoor, outdoor and on-site
  • Emergency call transmission via cellular network
  • Practical design, diverse functions
  • Automatic emergency call functions (option)
  • Different response options for alarms

If a person working alone has an accident, the TRIO lone worker alerting device automatically or manually sends an emergency call with the position data. An acoustic alarm makes it easier to find the injured person in the accident area. If the person involved in the accident is still capable of acting, he or she can trigger an emergency call quickly and easily with the emergency signal button. In this way, emergency calls are escalated until emergency measures are effectively initiated.

Many users opt for the option of automatic emergency call functions. The PNG then registers, e.g. via an integrated sensor, when it is in a horizontal position instead of a vertical position and there is no movement – a pre-alarm is triggered. If the lone worker does not acknowledge this, an alarm is triggered according to the stored alarm plan. In this way, emergency situations of unconscious persons can also be detected.

Can be combined with voluntary emergency call functions (fall detection, dead man detection, autonomous life check, remote life check, etc.). Safety also in case of accidents and health problems.

Compact and robust device that can be worn on the belt, for example. The large display informs about the reason for a (pre-)alarm or the remaining time until the next active alarm.

Immediate and reliable information to the control centre in emergency situations with exact localisation of the casualty – high safety level for lone workers in a wide range of applications.

Areas of Application

  • Laboratories
  • Unemployment office
  • Administration
  • Logistics
  • Energy supply
  • Building services
  • Road maintenance
  • Agriculture
  • Authorities



Relevant Industries

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Blue light sector
  • Chemical company
  • Municipality, Town Hall
  • Logistics & Transport
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Personal security
  • Service
  • Construction industry


  • Alerting via cellular network (LTE-M1)
  • Message reception via POCSAG
  • Detection of fall/fall, movement/ immobility of a person
  • Manual and Automatic emergency call functions
  • Secured positioning indoor and outdoor (GPS)
  • Smart button design – Increased protection against false alarms
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