Web-based emergency call system

Safety for Your Employees

The web-based SOS portal provided by Swissphone protects the lone workers in your company in many ways. This enables you to meet the legal requirements for lone working and give your employees the security they need and expect from their employer.



Handle Lone Worker Alarms Safely

The SOS portal is at the heart of Swissphone’s solutions for lone workers. As a web-based solution, it does not require dedicated hardware. The cloud-based service operates with high redundancy and reliability.



Use case 1: Processing emergency calls

If an employee-triggered or at-will emergency call is received on the SOS portal, the portal processes the emergency call according to the standards you have set. The alarms are forwarded to the desired alerting channels, such as the emergency call centre, security staff pager, mobile phone or landline. The aim is to quickly locate the person who may have had an accident or is helpless and to send help to him or her.


Use case 2: Localisation of the person

In combination with suitable hardware components from Swissphone’s SOS portfolio, such as the SOS Beacon , the SOS portal also enables the exact localisation of the employee who sent the emergency call.

The Advantages of the SOS Portal

Due to its flexibility and scalability, the SOS portal is used in many areas of industry. It has been and continues to be adapted to the changing requirements of users and also to advances in IT and communication technology. In its most current form, the portal offers many advantages.

As a redundant, cloud-based solution, the SOS portal offers a high degree of reliability and security. At the same time, it can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements – for example, in the selection of end devices or in escalation management.

With the SOS portal, you implement the legal requirements for working alone perfectly. And you convey to your employees that their (lone) work is appreciated and that in critical situations the safety chain is reliably and quickly set in motion.

The SOS portal offers both small organisations and large companies decisive security and convenience advantages. For example, you can choose between a simple, fully automated solution and the integration of an external call centre for the processing of emergencies.

All essential activities and parameters are logged for documentation purposes so that the event and the assistance provided always remain traceable.


Manual for our SOS-Portal

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