Reliable Indoor Localisation also with Sos-Beacon Long-Life & Infinite-Life

The SOS Beacon allows the exact position of people working alone who have made an emergency call to be determined. It thus creates the prerequisite for rapid assistance.

What makes the SOS Beacon special?

  • Accurate indoor positioning for emergency call and alarm
  • Easy assembly
  • Very long battery life
  • Function monitoring via the SOS portal
  • Battery level monitoring via SOS portal

In alarm and emergency situations, the person concerned must be located immediately. In these cases, the compact and cost-effective SOS Beacon enables reliable indoor localisation in real time, in each case in combination with the SOS Mobile App and the personal emergency call device TRIO . The beacons are available in different versions, which differ in terms of battery life, among other things: The operating time for the standard model (SOS Beacon) is approx. two years and for the SOS Beacon Long-Life approx. five years. With the SOS Beacon Infinite-Life, the operating time is unlimited. The battery serves as a back-up battery for temporary power interruptions.

In emergency situations, the SOS Beacon provides immediate and reliable information to the control centre with the possibility of exact localisation.

The SOS Beacon is compact and can also be used under adverse environmental conditions. In addition, it offers a wide range of mounting options.

With the SOS Beacon, you have the choice between three battery variants with different runtimes (SOS Beacon, SOS Beacon Long-Life, SOS Beacon Infinite-Life). The battery status can be displayed at any time via the SOS portal.


Areas of Application

  • Industry (sole worker)
  • Inspection rounds (industry, authorities, etc.)
  • On-call services (e.g. service technicians)
  • Automated production facilities, storage rooms, cellars
  • Security company
  • Justice, social authorities


Datasheet SOS Beacons
User manual – SOS-Beacon Infinite-Life
User manual – SOS-Beacon Long-Life

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    The SOS Beacon in Action