s.QUAD C55 – The new standard for safeguarding lone working

In a world where employee safety is a top priority, Swissphone is setting new standards with the launch of the new s.QUAD C55. This state-of-the-art emergency call device, which was launched on June 1, 2024, promises not only protection but also maximum reliability in emergency situations.


In today’s working world, especially in isolated or hazardous environments, the safety of employees is of paramount importance. Lone workers must be able to rely on technology that provides immediate and reliable assistance in an emergency. With the new s.QUAD C55, Swissphone, the leader in digital alerting, has developed a detector that meets precisely these requirements. Maximum safety for lone working – s.QUAD C55 sets new standards in emergency communication and ensures that help is always just a push of a button away.


A new level of safety

The s.QUAD C55 is a real game changer. With functions specially designed to safeguard lone workers, it provides fast and effective assistance in emergency situations. The device combines intentional and unintentional emergency call functions, supported by precise GPS and iBeacon technologies that enable accurate location both outdoors and indoors. Whether in isolated or remote working environments, the C55 is always a reliable companion.

s.QUAD C55 Pager, Vorder- und Rückansicht kombiniert, ohne Hintergrund

The s.QUAD C55 detector shows its front and back, emphasized by the modern design and functional construction.


Robust and long-lasting


Like all models in the s.QUAD series, the C55 impresses with its exceptional robustness. Dust and waterproof – the C55 is designed for the toughest conditions. With an impressive battery life of up to three days and the option of using standard AA batteries, it offers unbeatable operational reliability. So once again, Maximum safety for lone working – s.QUAD C55.


Easy to use, but highly sophisticated


The s.QUAD C55 is not only robust and secure, but also user-friendly. Its eSIM technology eliminates the need for physical SIM cards, which simplifies handling. In addition, configuration and firmware updates can be carried out conveniently via the mobile network. The emergency call functions include an emergency call button, fall and dead man detection and a remote life check.


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