s.QUAD C55

Maximum safety and precise positioning for isolated workstations

The safety of employees is a top priority for companies. Especially in dangerous or remote working environments, immediate assistance in an emergency is crucial. Our s.QUAD C55 stets new standards. The pager offers the highest level of reliability thanks to its will-dependent and will-independent emergency call as well as GPS and beacon positioning. Whether indoors or outdoors – the fast and precise location enables emergency services to be notified immediately.



The s.QUAD C55: your reliable companion in every situation. What makes it special?


Will-dependent emergency call function:

  • Activation via emergency call button

Will-independent emergency call functions:

  • Fall detection
  • Dead man detection
  • Remote life check

Outstanding reception characteristics:

  • State-of-the-art mobile radio technology combined with reliable paging

High-tech equipment:

  • Use of an eSIM
  • Positioning: Outdoor via GPS, indoor via Bluetooth® iBeacon

Robust and durable:

  • Extremely robust, dustproof and waterproof
  • Alarm volume of over 95 dB(A) at a distance of 30 cm

Over-the-air remote configuration:

  • Configuration and firmware updates via mobile radio

Case colors:

  • Available in green or black housing


The s.QUAD C55 sets new standards in personal emergency signal technology and offers unparalleled safety for lone workers. With its advanced functions, it guarantees maximum safety and reliability.


In addition, the s.QUAD C55 offers a number of further advantages. The use of an eSIM eliminates the need to handle a physical SIM card, making the device even easier to use. The possibility of remote configuration and firmware updates via the mobile network ensures that the device is always up to date. With an alarm volume of over 95 dB(A) at a distance of 30 cm, the s.QUAD C55 ensures that alarms are heard even in noisy environments.


Whether in industry, on construction sites or in isolated work areas – the s.QUAD C55 is the reliable partner that offers rapid assistance and comprehensive protection in any situation. It meets the highest demands on a personal emergency signal device and is therefore the ideal solution for companies and organizations that put the safety of their employees first.


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The s.QUAD C55 offers both will-dependent and will-independent emergency call functions. This means that it is able to trigger emergency calls automatically if the wearer falls or remains motionless, for example. These functions are crucial for mobilizing help quickly in emergencies and ensuring the safety of employees.


With integrated GPS and iBeacon technology, the s.QUAD C55 enables precise positioning both outdoors and indoors. This is particularly important in emergency situations to guide rescue workers quickly and precisely to the right location and thus minimize response times.

The pager is extremely robust, dust and waterproof and can withstand drops from a height of up to two meters. These features make it particularly suitable for use in harsh and demanding environments. In addition, the use of a standard AA round cell ensures a long operating time and easy maintenance.


Fields of application


  • Will-dependent emergency call function via emergency call button
  • Emergency call functions independent of intent: Fall detection, dead man detection, remote life check
  • Excellent reception characteristics for mobile radio and paging
  • Extremely robust, dustproof and waterproof


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Technical data sheet
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Care instructions for your innovative s.QUAD C55

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