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Alarm management: Active connectivity.

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The 360° Alert - Safety in Critical Situations

Successfully manage critical events throughout the entire alarm chain with the s.GUARD solution. Whether in the event of a crisis, emergency, malfunction or even prevention - everything to protect people, buildings and systems.

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The Modular and Complete Alerting Platform

Unpredictable events can have serious consequences for companies. In order to ensure the greatest possible security and minimise damage, it is necessary to be able to reach people and groups quickly. Our s.GUARD solution reliably ensures that the right people can intervene on site at an early stage in an emergency.

Simplify your business processes by monitoring multiple alarms with one platform The modular design of s.GUARD allows the connection of a multitude of technical interfaces that can be used for any application:
Fire detection systems , pushbuttons & switches, call light systems, locking systems, building management systems, production plants & components and much more.

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In the following, you will find various use cases to which our platform can be applied in a modular way.

Fire Case Handling

An optimal alerting solution not only prevents damage, but also helps to avoid expensive false alarms. Reduce the response time for alerting the required internal and external emergency organisation, as well as the number of false alarms. We support you in mapping your emergency processes in the system according to your processes.


As a matter of principle, every company, every building and every facility must take precautions for a quick and safe evacuation. In the event of an emergency, our evacuation solution ensures that all staff are alerted and directed to a safe area as quickly as possible.

Cyber Attacks

In the event of a cyberattack, s.GUARD offers you a platform that operates independently of your IT infrastructure to alert your crisis team, your intervention team and your employees. Quick mobilisation of the crisis team and rapid exchange of information (incl. documents for such a crisis scenario) play a key role in crisis management.

Armed Intruder Alert

When a few seconds decide the fate of many lives, it is essential to warn all persons present as quickly as possible and provide them with concrete instructions for action… We support you in mapping your emergency concept in our solution, even with small budgets.

Technical Fault

In addition to machine malfunctions and failures, the multitude of safety, building management systems and sensors from a wide range of suppliers can present safety officers and service technicians with major challenges. With s.GUARD, you cover everything from a single source – from a simple status change to a malfunction to an emergency and a full-blown crisis.


When employees are threatened, discreet alerting with very brief assistance by colleagues is required. This can be achieved with a “silent alert” via s.GUARD. Thanks to reliable escalation management, help can be provided quickly and specifically in the event of a threat.


People working alone must be able to rely on getting support quickly in critical situations. With the lone worker solution / dead man / personal emergency signal system (PNA), you guarantee your employees optimal protection at lone workstations and in hazardous areas thanks to automatic accident detection and auto-initiated alerting.

Mass Communication

In extraordinary situations, emergency forces, crisis teams and intervention teams must be mobilised. In addition, communication must be guaranteed. With s.GUARD, you can reach practically any number of people you have previously defined for such a scenario.

On-Call Service

In the case of on-call duty, the employee is on standby for any work assignments i, such as clearing snow, repairing faults, providing assistance in emergency situations, for patrols or for similar special events. The alerting and mobilisation of emergency forces and the associated administration of alerting plans pose challenges for some employers, which can be solved with the alerting and communication solution s.GUARD.


Communicate with one interface via different channels like: App, SMS, Text2Voice, Paging. Use your existing applications such as email, CRM, ERP, monitoring or integrate our messaging platform into your third-party system. For one-time password, reminders, mass mailing. High-performance, maximum data protection, immediately usable.

Crisis Management

Additional security in exceptional situations. This cannot be taken for granted. After the automated alerting of the crisis team, role-specific documents and to-do checklists are available to the members on the move in addition to the emergency plan – also for collaborative use with encrypted group chat. And all of this is detached from your IT infrastructure.

Why Does s.GUARD Make Sense for You and Your Company?


Equipped for Any Eventuality with s.GUARD

We integrate a variety of proven components and tools so that you are optimally equipped in the event of an evacuation, cyber attack, amok or other critical events.

With s.GUARD, you have the option to choose between a variety of inputs and outputs – and of course to be able to designate several inputs and outputs per event. In this way, we guarantee the flow of information at the right place. For both inputs and outputs, the connection can be established manually or automatically via various communication channels (telephone, SMS, e-mail, app, various TCP/IP connections with third-party systems). These connections are equated with IoT and include different technologies from 3G to 5G, LoRa, NBIoT, etc.

This allows communication to be established from person to person, person to machine and machine to machine. s.GUARD takes over the management of the alarms to be received and accesses alarm plans defined in advance in the system. In addition, potential escalations are controlled on the basis of substitutions, availabilities and schedules. Recipients of an alarm can simply acknowledge messages.


Data Protection & Encryption

When you use our solution, sensitive data is very often transferred. Therefore, we can guarantee that we have done everything to ensure the security of your data and communication. We work 100% in accordance with the relevant legislation applicable to our customers and the users of our system, e.g. the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DSG) and the European Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO). By means of encryption and other technical measures, we ensure that all data and any information relating to your alerting and communication are protected against unauthorised persons throughout the entire value creation and communication chain.

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