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Exclusively for our partners and customers.

Customer Service

Our customer service centre is committed to completing repairs on time and to the highest standards.

Partner Finder

We can provide you with a useful dealer search facility covering our existing markets. For all other countries, please contact us.


To help you understand all the technical terms we use, we’ve compiled a glossary of definitions.


We provide all kind of downloads. Have a look at all case studies, our product catalogue  and find manuals for older pager models.

Fire Grants Help

Does this look familiar to you? You need a new paging network or pagers, but lack the funds to move ahead. Grants can help get the necessary funding.

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How can I send messages / alerts to my pager?

Calls to your pager are generated in a number of different ways, such as:

  • from your network operations center
  • text message
  •  email
  • automated alarms

For more details of messages or your network, please refer to your system manager.

Can paging messages be encrypted?

Yes. You can find information about encryption here. We are happy to advice you about our encryption solutions. Please send us an email.

Is it possible that you come to our place to help with questions for s.ONE?

Yes, please get in contact with us. We will coordinate an appointment together with our sales representative.

How can I order a pager or accessories via Swissphone?

We are happy to accept orders by email, or by post – 561 Garden Drive, Unit D, Windsor, CO, 80550

Or find your closest dealer.

On my display appears an antenna symbol, what does it mean?

That’s the field strength alarm. The pager has no reception, and therefore cannot receive any messages.

Can I keep my old call number with the purchase of a new pager?

Yes.  Please ask your system manager for more details.

Where can I get repair service for my pager? How expensive is this service?

Yes, we offer a fixed price repair service. Please fill in our form with the request for a quote.

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