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Managing critical events in the health sector

Alarm Management in Hospitals, Surgeries and Homes

When lives are at stake: Time pressure and rapid mobilisation characterise the health profession. Personal threats are also unfortunately often part of everyday life for medical staff. To keep patient care and staff security high in hospitals and healthcare facilities, Swissphone solutions offer fail-safe alerting.

The All-Round Solution for the Alarm Chain

The All-Round Solution for the Alarm Chain


Healthcare knows many moments that decide whether or not human lives are saved. In addition, the successful operation of a hospital depends on increasingly complex technical equipment. Because of this multitude of challenges, prevention is essential. It includes the critical question about alarm management, transmission, intervention and follow-up: Does your communications system meet the high requirements?

Alerting and communication systems in the healthcare sector cannot afford any mistakes. Swissphone’s flexible solutions offer you the right answers.

Technical Fault

In healthcare facility management, there are many critical situations that require rapid and coordinated alerting. Technical faults, IT alarms, fire or water damage can have dangerous consequences. Swissphone’s alarm management solution reliably ensures that those responsible can intervene on site at an early stage.

IT Malfunction

Failures and malfunctions in the IT area can have a considerable impact on hospital processes and jeopardise safety. Malfunctions must therefore be detected and communicated at an early stage. With s.GUARD® , Swissphone offers you a reliable, proven and comprehensive alerting solution for this purpose.

Threat to Personnel

Employees in health care professions, especially in Emergency Departments and psychiatric clinics, are affected by threats and violence with above-average frequency. With “silent alerting” you can decisively increase the safety of your medical staff. During installation, the usually already existing infrastructure is used to trigger an alarm with a radio alarm button or via a PC key combination. In this way, your staff are better protected in an emergency and their personal sense of security increases.

Medical Alert

At the heart of every healthcare organisation, is a solution to communicate with caregivers when medical intervention is required. The core requirements of such a solution is the ability to reach skilled clinicians, nurses and support staff to give assistance in life threatening situations., to communicate the nature and location of the incident, quickly, clearly and securely.  Swissphone enables this process with its suite of clinical alerting solutions that support our healthcare clients throughout the entire incident chain, from initiation, to mobilisation to confirmation of attendance – all designed to improve patient care.


A fire breaks out in your clinic – action must be taken quickly. In individual cases, the fact that you can quickly and reliably reach those responsible for the fire with the fire alarm can mean the difference between life and death. Can you fully rely on your alerting and communication in the event of a possible fire incident? Optimal prevention defines the most important processes exactly according to your needs. In this way, the alarm solution from Swissphone prevents damage and also helps to avoid false alarms.


Three things are crucial in an evacuation: the right plan. Defined responsible persons who know exactly what to do thanks to documentation. And targeted and graduated alerting within the shortest possible time via various communication channels. Therefore, with an evacuation solution from Swissphone based on s.GUARD® , you are reliably prepared for any alert.

Working Alone

Especially when people working alone get into critical situations, help must arrive reliably and quickly. Swissphone offers comprehensive emergency call solutions for personal alarms. These control: notification, localisation, escalation, complete incident documentation plus participant management. Onsite alerting and a campus network enable fast and reliable communication – independent of public infrastructure.

Cyber Attack

The frequency is increasing. The damage per case is immense: cyberattacks are now part of everyday life – also of health care facilities. Being adequately prepared for them is part of your risk management. Swissphone offers complete proactive and reactive solution packages against these threats. The s.GUARD® platform contains the appropriate tools for crisis-proof communication, independent of your own IT infrastructure.

Nurse Call

Hospital staff have different requirements for notifications: Doctors often prefer silent variants. Nurses on call, on the other hand, rely on clear signals. The Swissphone solution s.GUARD® integrates all alarm systems such as “nurse calls”. In addition to increasing efficiency, they reduce over-alerting of nursing staff – and thus improve patient satisfaction. For this purpose, s.GUARD® has an interface to various systems, such as MediCarePlus or GETs.

Patient Monitoring System

Monitoring is used for patients in intensive care units, operating theatres, or recovery rooms – mostly for close monitoring of vital signs. The extent of monitoring depends on the patient’s condition and illness. The patient monitoring systems are connected to s.GUARD® via an interface. They provide significantly improved visibility of the patient’s condition. Such an increase in patient safety also results in more satisfied patients.

Crisis Management

Procedures in hospital facilities require systematic handling of crisis situations. Here you need independent, direct and complete access to all essential emergency documents. Swissphone offers a crisis management solution that provides additional security in exceptional situations: After automated alerting of the crisis team, the emergency plan, role-specific documents and to-do checklists are available to you on the move.

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    Special Advantages for the Healthcare Sector

    The redundant design of the entire infrastructure enables high transmission security in every situation.

    Many solutions can be realised on our basic systems. For example: Crisis communication, alerting in crises, emergencies and disruptions.

    All Swissphone solutions can be adapted extraordinarily flexibly to many individual use cases in the healthcare sector.

    Many hospitals in Europe have been relying on alarm and communication systems from Swissphone for years.

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