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Threat Alert

Act and react against dangers: Employees protected - sense of security increased.

Staff Alarm: Directly in the Service of Staff Safety

Unfortunately, dangerous incidents often occur in high-contact professions: Problematic persons threaten, or become violent towards employees. Here, discreet alerting with timely assistance is required. This can be achieved with a threat alert solution from Swissphone: In the event of danger, help can be provided quickly and in a targeted manner via a silent alarm, providing secure warning assignments to colleagues and reliable escalation management. With the Swissphone threat alert solution, you as an employer can significantly increase the security of your employees. Alarms can be triggered with existing infrastructure (PCs or telephones) or with plug-and-play wireless buttons.


The Swissphone threat alert ensures:


  • Independence from existing IT infrastructure
  • Need-based alarm triggering (silent, loud)
  • Radio button, mobile, tablet and desktop application, key combination
  • Autonomous monitoring of the system
  • Commissioning via Plug & Play
  •  1 solution – 1 contact person
  • Expandable
Complete Solution for the Threat Case

Complete Solution for the Threat Case


Threats to employees are constantly increasing in public institutions and contact-intensive companies. Appropriate prevention is essential to protect staff and customers. Alarm management, transmission, intervention and follow-up are important cornerstones here.


A case study: The employee of an office is threatened or even attacked by a customer. Unnoticed, she presses an alarm button or a defined key combination on the PC. In doing so, she initiates a threat alarm that is received by the s.GUARD® alerting platform.

Alarm Management

The alarm management can be adapted in many ways to the user’s requirements or the location of the event (e.g. counter or meeting room). For example, the alarm user can trigger an internal alarm to a work colleague by pressing the alarm button. If the alarm is not reset within a certain time, an external alarm (e.g. to a security service) starts automatically. In special cases, the police can also be called.



Who is to be contacted with the threat alarm and via which channel is defined in your security concept. You reach the responsible persons or agencies (such as work colleagues or the security service) on all devices and channels simultaneously or also in a staggered manner: Call alerting (smartphone, DECT, fixed network), app alerting, desktop software for alerting on PC and Mac, SMS alerting, e-mail alerting or alerting on pagers. Preferred communication channels can be set per person. Thanks to the exact localisation of the person or button triggering the alarm and comprehensive information on the emergency, help can be provided in the shortest possible time.

If alarm recipients do not acknowledge the threat alarm within a predefined period of time, it is automatically escalated to deputies, other personnel or directly to the emergency services, taking availability into account.


In the event of an internal alarm, work colleagues who are in the vicinity can quickly provide assistance. In this way, the escalation of a conflict and the alerting of the security service or even the police can often be avoided. Using the chat function, the intervention team can communicate and proceed in a coordinated manner. In addition, role-specific instructions for action in the form of checklists and emergency documents can be made available with the alarm.


At the end of the event, the user can evaluate the activities. s.GUARD® logs alarm triggering and reception of each participant in detail and to the second – as well as the communication resulting from the threat alarm. Actions of the intervention teams can of course be tracked. Afterwards, the documentation of the results is analysed in order to improve procedures in future threat scenarios.


s.GUARD® ensures that your employees can call for help quickly and easily at any time in an emergency. This protection is also perceived by employees as a great advantage.

Precise position data and comprehensive information on the incident as well as on those affected support the immediate provision of assistance.

First responders can be alerted automatically via all conceivable channels and freely definable escalation levels. In this way, you provide the affected person with the fastest possible help.

The complete system for personal emergency call can be used within a few hours. When using radio buttons, neither a specialised installer nor the company IT is required.

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    FAQ - The Most Frequently Asked Questions about
    Our Threat Solutions

    How can employees trigger an alarm in case of a threat?

    s.GUARD offers various channels for alarm triggering in the event of a threat: Hand button, PC key combination, WEB link, app, phone call. The “channel” via which the person triggers an alarm is defined by your emergency concept.

    Since the threat alarm should be “silent” in most cases, i.e. unnoticed, an alarm is often triggered by a hand button installed under the desk or by a predefined key combination on the computer.

    Can the police be alerted directly in an emergency?

    Yes, thanks to the direct connection of instaGUARD® to alarmNET from TUS (Telecommunications and Security), this is possible in consultation with the police.

    “Who”, “How” and via which “channel” is defined by your emergency concept. GUARD® offers you the possibility of alerting e.g. work colleagues, superiors, an external alarm centre or directly the police.

    What happens if an alarm receiver, e.g. a colleague at work, has switched his phone to mute?

    With the help of the s.GUARD® application, it is possible to alert employees loudly to an emergency – regardless of the “silent” or “do not disturb” settings on the Android or iOS smartphone.

    Furthermore, s.GUARD® offers you the possibility to reach people on different devices and channels (app, SMS, e-mail, telephone, conference, pager) – simultaneously, staggered or as part of a proper escalation. If the employee has switched off his mobile phone completely, you can reach him, for example, with the desktop app on the computer or a call alert on his DECT phone.

    Thanks to the high redundancy of devices and channels as well as the escalation options, you have a very high degree of certainty that your employees will receive help as quickly as possible.

    Must the s.GUARD app always be switched on?

    For security reasons, the app has been designed in such a way that it does not have to be started for alarm recipients, e.g. work colleagues, supervisors, to receive the alarm. However, the app must be installed on the device in question.

    What is the location accuracy inside and outside of buildings?

    For each handheld switch or computer, the exact coordinates and other information about the user, such as building, floor, office number and workstation are stored. If an alarm is triggered via a smartphone, the app accesses the location services of Android and iOS for localization. These primarily use GPS and WiFi Footprint to determine the position. If there is no or insufficient GPS signaling to GPS satellites, limited accuracy may result. Therefore, the localisation within buildings can be additionally supplemented with QR codes or WiFi.

    How complex is the installation of the alarm system with hand switch?

    Since the hand buttons are integrated into GUARD® via radio (LoRa, Enocean etc.), the entire alarm system (hand button and alarm device) can be set up within a few hours. Thanks to battery operation, a hand switch can be installed independently at a workstation without installation (Plug&Play).

    Who decides on the use of blue-light organizations?

    “Who”, “How” and via which “channel” is defined by your emergency concept. GUARD® offers you the possibility of alerting e.g. work colleagues, superiors, an external alarm center or directly the police.

    How are alarms and actions recorded?

    s.GUARD® logs in detail and to the second the alarm triggering and alarm reception of each station, as well as the communication resulting from the alarm. Actions of the employees can be tracked by logging via checklists, both in terms of content, e.g. via drop-down responses, and by means of time stamps. The documentation of the results can then be analysed in terms of “lessons learnd” and any improvements can be incorporated into the workflow processes.

    Threat Alert