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Security in Public Institutions

Whether Malfunction, Emergency or Crisis: Alarm Solutions from a Single Source

The public sector lives with broad threat scenarios. From offices to schools, attacks are conceivable. Here, alarm solutions from Swissphone make essential contributions to de-escalation.

The All-Round Solution for the Alarm Chain

The All-Round Solution for the Alarm Chain

Threats to staff, evacuation, armed intruders, cyber attacks, technical malfunctions, on-call duty: public facilities are open to many areas of attack – both human and technical. Appropriate prevention is essential to protect staff, customers and, of course, children. Alarm management, transmission, intervention and follow-up are the important cornerstones for security in public facilities.

From inconspicuous alerting (silent alarm) in a public authority to amok warning within seconds. With a comprehensive solution from Swissphone, you are well prepared for all eventualities.

In Case of Threat: Silent Alarm

With a “silent alarm,” you, as a public service employer, can increase the safety of your employees. The mostly already existing infrastructure (for alerting in case of fire, evacuation, or technical malfunctions…) is used to trigger an alarm with a radio alarm button or via a PC key combination. The result: your employees are not only better protected in the event of a threat, but they also feel safer.

Armed Intruder Alert

In the event of a rampage, all persons in a building must be warned within seconds. This armed intruder alert requires concerted action via different communication channels, practiced processes – and a powerful, fail-safe system for alerting. Our solutions for alerting in the event of a rampage are tried and tested.


In the event of a fire, can you absolutely rely on your fire alarm and the accompanying communication to reach your company responders quickly and reliably?

With the s.GUARD® platform, you can answer these questions in the affirmative. With our solution, in addition to a fast alerting, the simultaneous involvement of the respective necessary responders and organizations takes place. This is done via a dedicated infrastructure in the event of a fire.


Three things are crucial in an Evacuation: an appropriate plan, a targeted and preferably graduated alerting within the shortest possible time via various communication channels and – for the people to be evacuated – practiced processes. With an evacuation solution from Swissphone based on s.GUARD® , you are optimally prepared in terms of alerting.

Cyber Attack

The frequency is increasing, the damage per case is immense: unfortunately, cyberattacks  are now part of everyday life for companies and authorities. In terms of risk management and the need for security for sensitive data, you must be prepared accordingly. The s.GUARD® Platform Offers You the Appropriate Tools for Crisis-Proof Communication Independent of Your Own It Infrastructure.

Advantages for Public Institutions

Staff, customers, students, pupils: In every conceivable crisis situation, you can react quickly and appropriately – and defuse the situation for everyone present.

A redundant design of the entire infrastructure enables high transmission security in every situation.

Swissphone solutions can be flexibly adapted to the individual application.

In any emergency or crisis situation, you can inform the affected employees, customers, guests, etc. appropriately and reliably – a decisive advantage e.g. in case of fire incidents and evacuations.

Many authorities and schools across Europe use Swissphone alerting and communication systems.

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