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Resource Management and Deployment Planning

Which emergency forces are available in the event of an alarm, which are needed, how quickly can they move in and who needs to be alerted? Efficient resource management answers these questions for blue-light organisations in a matter of seconds – for alerting according to need.

For Targeted and Efficient Alerting

For Targeted and Efficient Alerting


A secure, targeted and efficient alerting system is the key to responding effectively to emergencies. The basis for this is precise resource management for each event: various alarm plans are stored, a dashboard gives the emergency management an overview of alarms and feedback. In this way, you can always react appropriately and, for example, prevent the precautionary alerting of too many rescue forces. You can achieve all this with our s.ONE platform.

The Alarm Plan

Even before the alarm, the head of operations knows the availability of his emergency forces and whether he can fulfil his alarm plans: Via resource planning, he can see whether the personnel required for the operation are available or whether, according to the alarm plan, additional personnel have to be alerted.

If temporary understaffing is detected, predefined persons or groups are informed. These can take countermeasures before an alarm is triggered. This makes deployment planning much easier.

Resource Management during Alerting

In the event of an operation, emergency personnel and first responders confirm the alarm messages by pressing a button (“I’m coming” / “I’m not coming”). Messages are immediately sent to the response planning software and displayed. Responses are displayed on a dashboard as an intuitive, easy-to-read, colour-coded diagram.

In this way, our s.ONE software gives you a constant overview in real time of whether sufficient emergency forces and specialists are available.

Corresponding follow-up alerts can then be triggered directly via s.ONE. Since hybrid alerting via mobile radio (for s.QUAD also WiFi etc.) is possible, emergency forces outside the range of the alerting network are also notified if required.

After the Alert

When were how many first responders called out? How many recipients responded within a time window?

As a good resource management tool, s.ONE facilitates the creation of reports and thus enables easy documentation for external stakeholders.

Your Advantages of Good Resource Management

This hybrid alerting channel complements the standard alerting via the POCSAG network. This enables reliable and highly available alerting, especially outside the normal paging area.

The response of the emergency worker is immediately transmitted to the incident commander at the control centre – the s.ONE software automatically alerts on the basis of the defined alarm plan.

The compensation that must be paid to employers when employees take time off is reduced through efficient scheduling.

Predefined alarm plans, a clear deployment plan and the possibility to change the status conveniently on the terminal device: This way, the deployment manager knows at any time whether the available resources are sufficient for different scenarios.

Our Product Recommendations for Your Operational Planning

In addition to the s.ONE platform, reliable pagers ensure fast and efficient alerting – the ideal complement for your resource management.

Loud, robust, with the best reception: these are the essential...

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    FAQ – The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Our
    Resource Management Solutions

    Are the answers to an alarm always "I am coming", "I am NOT coming"?

    These are the most frequently used responses. You can freely configure the answers and store different answers depending on the event.

    For an alert e.g. “Coming”, “NOT coming” or for a volunteer training e.g. “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe”.

    You can manage up to eight answer sets and a set can contain up to eight answers. You can send the first three answers each time by pressing the keys for a long time with only one keystroke.

    Is it possible to automatically post-alert with resource management software?

    Yes, resource management software can inform other groups or people if the desired target strength for an event has not been met.

    Which end devices is s.ONE resource management compatible with?

    The remote configuration supports all terminals from DE910. For feedback etc. we recommend terminals with mobile radio (see pager product page).

    If you are interested in a cheaper two-unit solution, then s.QUAD X15 and s.QUAD X35 can also be used.

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