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Technical Faults

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Reliable Monitoring of All Relevant Functions

Failures and malfunctions of production facilities can have significant consequences for productivity and profitability, as well as the safety of an industrial operation. The diversity of manufacturing, safety and building control systems as well as sensors also poses challenges for service technicians in emergency management. Therefore, problematic events must be detected and communicated at an early stage in order to react immediately and limit possible damage.

For these tasks, Swissphone provides you with a proven and comprehensive alerting solution: s.GUARD® ensures the connection of various technical interfaces, integration of sensors plus automated alerting and communication. We support you in mapping the processes of your fault management. Thus, s.GUARD® accompanies you throughout the entire chain of events – from detection to post-processing.

Complete Solution for Technical Faults

Complete Solution for Technical Faults


In emergency management for a large number of machines and systems, limit values can quickly be exceeded.
Appropriate prevention is indispensable to protect against dangerous situations or accidents. Alarm management, transmission, intervention and follow-up embody important guidelines here.


Local third-party systems report critical conditions via different interfaces and automatically trigger corresponding alarms in the s.GUARD alarm platform with this fault message.

The reverse is also possible: s.GUARD’s® “Watchdog” continuously monitors the relevant local systems and sensors from the cloud. If a malfunction or communication failure occurs, the responsible persons are informed immediately.

This means that faults and failures are detected even if your internal infrastructure fails.

Alarm Management

A separate alarm process can be defined for each event (exceeding limit value, error, switching, etc.). Alarm texts from third-party systems can be evaluated and adopted. Responsible on-call persons or teams are automatically informed, whereby availability and duty rosters are taken into account.


Which person or team should be contacted in an emergency, when and via which channel, is defined in your processes. You can reach your on-call organisation on all devices simultaneously or in a staggered manner: Call alerting (smartphone, DECT, fixed network), app alerting, desktop software for alerting on PC / Mac, SMS, e-mail or pager alerting.

Thanks to the acknowledgement function via various means of communication, automated escalation to other persons or systems is guaranteed at all times.


Current instructions for action and checklists can be made available to the recipient with the app for the individual faults. This simplifies and speeds up the troubleshooting process, as the right document for the corresponding case is automatically made available.

With the chat function, information can be sent to other experts by means of photos and sound recordings, e.g. to obtain third-party opinions.


At the end of the event, you have the possibility to evaluate activities. S.GUARD® logs alarm triggering and alarm reception of each participant to the second, as well as the communication resulting from the alarm. Actions of the intervention teams can be tracked online via drop-down responses and timestamps. Subsequently, the documentation of the results is analysed. In this way, procedures can be improved for future events.

Four Advantages of Our Technical Malfunction Solution

Based on the s.GUARD® platform, you can configure your individual alerting in the event of technical faults – and benefit from decisive advantages:

The risk of overlooking faults in your production equipment, IoT sensors or smart building systems is greatly reduced by the automatic detection of critical events.

Technical alerting with s.GUARD® connects over 100 interfaces and components via a uniform solution.

Responsible employees can be notified automatically via all channels and freely definable escalation levels. This significantly reduces system downtimes.

Noticeable reduction in personnel costs – because an operations control centre manned around the clock can be replaced by an on-call organisation.

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    FAQ - The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Our Solutions
    for Technical Faults

    How are technical systems and sensors connected?

    s.GUARD® supports more than 100 interface protocols (ESPA 4.4.4, BACnet, ModBus, etc.) and enables fast and cost-effective connection to existing technical systems.


    • You depend on a cold chain in your company. With s.GUARD® you can ensure that a predefined alarm system is activated (incl. escalation / on-call and duty rosters) as soon as a refrigeration system fails or the room temperature increases by 1.5 degrees Celsius.
    • Your fire alarm system reports an activated alarm. Normally, this is forwarded directly to an alarm centre. With s.GUARD®, you can also send this alarm to your crisis intervention team without delay. This increases the chance of being able to react in an emergency. If it is a false alarm, the chance of ending the alarm within 180 seconds and preventing the fire brigade from being called is also greater.

    How can s.GUARD® help you prevent crises due to malfunctions/failures?

    Ideally, disruptions or problems are resolved as quickly as possible so that crises do not develop in the first place. With s.GUARD®, you can always reliably and efficiently reach the persons responsible for the respective situation, who are responsible for eliminating disruptions or initiating the necessary measures to deal with the problem. With the help of s.GUARD®, you can implement your incident management system according to your ideas within a very short time.

    How are the responsible persons informed about critical events?

    It is possible to alert e.g. SIBE or operational technicians on several channels (app, SMS, email, voice, radio) (simultaneously, staggered or as part of an orderly escalation). In addition, an app on the mobile phone and client software for PC and Mac are also available.

    Technical Faults