Hybrid Alerting with Paging

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Paging and Mobile Communications: Reliability Meets Innovation

In a world that is constantly evolving and connecting, reliable and rapid alerting and mobilization are crucial. In emergencies, minutes can impact the success of a response. This is where hybrid alerting comes into play – an innovative solution that combines the proven reliability of POCSAG with the speed and coverage of mobile communications. By leveraging the strengths of both communication channels, Swissphone offers a smart alerting solution for today’s responders.


Targeted Alerting for Today’s Response Requirements


Before, during, and after receiving an alert, hybrid pagers with an integrated response channel enable efficient resource management. From the availability of responders to technical and tactical feedback, the resource management software s.ONE offers comprehensive features to optimize response processes. Additionally, s.ONE facilitates easy pager programming through remote configuration.


Our system prevents over-alerting by specifically mobilizing the required responders, thus, supporting an effective and cost-efficient command of operations. The integration of GPS support further allows for precise planning, while our hybrid technologies meet the demands of a modern and interconnected emergency response. They form the backbone for a rapid, responsible, and adaptable emergency reaction.


Enhance Your Resource Management


Seamless Integration Without Modifications to the Dispatch System

Implementing a hybrid alerting solution requires two-way capable devices. The robust pagers of the s.QUAD-C series are additionally equipped with a cellular module, including national roaming and 7 years of pre-configured airtime, and impress with a high battery life of over 100 hours in hybrid reception mode.

s.ONE Resource Management

Enhance your response coordination with s.ONE, the comprehensive software solution for efficient resource management and remote configuration of alert receivers. The s.ONE Mobile App allows for flexible and direct alarm communication via your smartphone. Discover the adaptability of s.ONE through its modular structure, comprising Fleet, Monitor, Alert, and the Mobile App. Boost your effectiveness and experience the benefits of an improved alerting strategy with s.ONE.

Hybrid-Capable Devices

Discover the s.QUAD C series: advanced 2-way terminals equipped with LTE-M for seamless connectivity – both nationally and internationally, thanks to an integrated eSIM and roaming capabilities. With an impressive battery life of 100 hours in LTE mode and support from s.ONE Fleet Air, these devices are designed for durability and efficiency. Compatibility with the s.ONE Mobile App makes the s.QUAD C series the ideal choice for comprehensively connected and reliable communication solutions.

Benefits of Hybrid Alerting with Pagers

Swissphone’s hybrid alerting with paging is the solution to the daily challenges faced by emergency services. Combining reliability, extended coverage, and flexibility, Swissphone offers a future-proof alerting solution that helps to mobilize and respond faster, ultimately saving lives.

System Redundancy

By utilizing multiple transmission channels simultaneously, the reliability of the alerting system is enhanced. This makes emergency services more resilient and ensures communication with responders, even across extensive and remote areas.

Data Transmission Security

Through optional encryption options such as IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm), the security of data and message transmission is further enhanced. Messages are encrypted during transmission over the paging network and decrypted upon reception in the pager. With this end-to-end encryption, Swissphone provides a high security standard to protect messages from unauthorized access.



Network Coverage Optimization

By utilizing two networks, coverage and therefore accessibility are expanded, ensuring the effectiveness of the pagers as well as the mobilization of the response teams.



Increased Speed

Hybrid pagers alert as soon as the fastest transmission channel delivers the message. Only the first delivered message is displayed on the pager, thereby increasing the speed of the entire alerting system.

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