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Innovative Emergency Communication Solutions: Explore our White Papers

As one of the world’s premier providers of Critical Incident Alerting Solutions, Swissphone has decades of experience in supplying customers with innovative and effective methods of communicating with people in emergency situations. As well as designing and implementing the solutions, the experts at Swissphone take time to understand the changes in market conditions that drive specific needs of customers, and this depth of understanding can be seen in the range of White Papers available to download.

In these documents, we take the time to examine the conditions that drive our customers – disruptions, emergencies, and crises – and to explain how carefully planned and deployed enhanced technology can bring about positive results.

Each whitepaper draws on the experience and skills of our solution specialists and covers a diverse range of topics. In our Whitepaper, “Connecting People to Life Critical Data”, We explain how the intelligent sorting and prioritisation of the vast amount of data available in a hospital can enhance patient care and staff efficiency. We also examine the beneficial impact on upgrading First Responder alerting networks in two whitepapers: “Why Private Digital Alerting Makes Sense” looks at the benefits of providing a network totally separate from public infrastructure, while “Keys to a Smooth Migration” shows how a move from legacy analog networks to a modernized digital network can be successfully managed. Finally, for those customers not ready to make the transition to digital alerting, “Smart Tone and Voice Paging” examines the cost, coverage and speed benefits of up to date tone and voice solutions.

All in all, Swissphone’s White Papers provide an invaluable resource for anyone researching, recommending or making decisions on the future of their alerting strategy.

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