Anja Schliwka – Swissphone’s new dynamic COO

As part of an exciting new era at Swissphone, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Anja Schliwka as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Effective April 1, Anja will play a key role in shaping the strategic future of our company. Her arrival marks a turning point that will bring fresh impetus and innovative strategies to Swissphone.


With an impressive track record at Swisscom, where Anja redefined the boundaries of smart end-to-end operations as Portfolio Epic Owner and Program Manager, she brings revolutionary expertise to Swissphone. Her ability to orchestrate technology-enabled solutions has set new standards in the telecom and IT industry. Anja’s wealth of experience in transforming complex systems and leading high performance teams will bring a new dynamic of operational excellence to Swissphone.


Swissphone’s COO as of April 1, 2024 – Dr. Anja Schliwka

Operational excellence redefined

Anja’s role as COO promises to bring new developments to Swissphone’s Operations department. The integration of Production, ICT, Purchasing, Application Engineering as well as Internal Sales and Customer Care under her leadership will not only create synergies, but also innovative solutions that will consolidate and further expand Swissphone’s position in the industry.


Anja’s passion for technological innovation and her vision to optimize operational processes fit perfectly with Swissphone’s ambition to continuously improve customer satisfaction and foster a culture of collaboration. Her arrival at Swissphone is an important step that opens up new perspectives.


Together into the future

We are delighted to welcome Anja Schliwka to our team and look forward to working together to lead Swissphone into a promising future. Join us on this journey as we develop and implement innovative 360° alerting solutions under Anja’s leadership.


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