Reliable personal alarms for lone workers

Reference report: ARA Chur

“As our work involves demanding processes as well as complex building and plant structures with many underground passageways, our employees’ safety takes top priority. A reliable, safe and proven emergency call system is therefore an absolute must for lone workers”, says Werner Feurer, Director of ARA Chur. The underground passageways of ARA Chur, some measuring up to 80 metres long, and the complex plant structures result in high requirements in terms of positioning and occupational safety of lone workers.

About ARA Chur

ARA Chur is responsible for sewage treatment for the city of Chur and nine surrounding communities. It treats six million cubic metres of sewage every year. The ARA Chur team has 12 members, six of which regularly work on call.

"A reliable, safe and proven emergency call system is therefore an absolute must for lone workers."
Werner Feurer Director ARA Chur

Reliable emergency call system indoors and outdoors

In order to guarantee safety of lone workers, ARA Chur observes the common guidelines from SUVA (Swiss Accident Insurance Fund), the Swiss Regulation on Prevention of Occupational Accidents and the occupational safety guidelines of the city of Chur, Switzerland. The strictest requirements, including that work is always to be carried out in teams, therefore apply during regular working hours. Only the six on-call employees work alone. They are the ones that require a fully reliable emergency call system.

ARA Chur opted for the Swissphone SOS occupational safety solution. It provides reliable protection for employees working alone both indoors and outdoors. The Swissphone system alarm is also triggered in the event of dangerous disruptions to machines and systems.

Position of the accident victim is immediately displayed

Every employee working on call outside of regular operating times wears a SWISSPHONE TRIO personal alarm system device at all times. An employee can push a button to trigger an alarm and also receive text messages on critical operational disruptions which he or she can respond to immediately. The messages are transmitted via the ARA Chur paging system, which has been in use at ARA Chur since 2002. In ARA Chur’s case, the emergency call centre in Ilanz, Switzerland, runs the call centre service.

"The Swissphone emergency call system meets the high standards we place on such a system."
Werner Feurer Director ARA Chur

If the lone worker needs help and presses the SOS button on the SWISSPHONE TRIO device or the device’s location sensors trigger an alarm in the event of rapid movements such as would be the case in a fall, an alert is sent to the emergency call centre in Ilanz. The employee’s location is conveyed to Ilanz via the IBT position transmitter if he or she indoors or via the device’s integrated GPS module if he or she is outdoors. As a result, the employee’s exact position is displayed within seconds. Werner Feurer, Director of ARA Chur, is a satisfied customer: “The Swissphone emergency call system meets the high standards we place on such a system. It ensures that our staff are able to receive quick, effective assistance in an emergency.”

Components of the Swissphone solution


Indoor position transmitter
GSM repeater


SOS.monitor with account model ‘call centre’

Reference report ARA Chur

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