Food production monitoring

Reference report: Hero Lenzburg

Production processes in the food industry are complex and highly sensitive. The undetected breakdown of a cooling system at Hero can result in heavy losses in terms of stocked goods and lead to costly and lengthy production downtimes. It is also important that the central power plant remain in constant operation. This needs to be monitored accordingly. The requirements in terms of alerting and system monitoring have therefore continued to grow over the years.

About Hero

Hero is a food maker focused on baby food and fruit products. Its head offices are in Lenzburg, Switzerland, and it is active in more than 30 countries. Hero has approximately 4,000 employees.

There were a total of four autonomous alerting systems running in parallel. One of the systems in use was from Swissphone. This meant that many employees in the technical service department had to carry two pagers with them at all times. This is why Hero decided to look for a reliable new complete system.

"It was not just the high quality for which Swissphone Systems products are known and the excellent experience that we’ve had in the past with the company that led us to make our decision."
Ruedi Roth Technology Manager Hero

Alerting, personal paging and system monitoring all in one package

Swissphone was the only provider capable of fully satisfying all of the requirements Hero had established. These included: forwarding of fire and alert messages, forwarding of alerts to third-party systems such as GSM (text messages), e-mail or external systems, monitoring of machines and the outside of buildings, personal paging, seamless integration of the existing systems, simple configuration and operation from the workplace and modular interfaces to third-party systems. “It was not just the high quality for which Swissphone Systems products are known and the excellent experience that we’ve had in the past with the company that led us to make our decision,” says Ruedi Roth, Technology Manager at Hero. “What ultimately won us over is that I.SEARCH is a fully open system. Interfaces to third-party systems (including building automation) provide us with a system that can be gradually expanded with the addition of new modules, offers a long service life and represents a sound investment for the future”, he adds. The core of the I.SEARCH solution from Swissphone is a radio-based information system with multiple expansion options that is based on paging technology. It is also easy to integrate into any IT or BPX environment.

Short implementation time, fully satisfied customer

The new system was implemented in a few short weeks. The upgrades have resulted in much higher security and far shorter response times. The apricots in Hero’s refrigerated warehouse are now also protected against an unexpected rise in temperature – all thanks to the Swissphone solution!

"With Swissphone as our partner, we know that we always have a central point of contact for the entire system and that we will always be well looked after. Swissphone fully won us over."
Ruedi Roth Technology Manager Hero

Components of the Swissphone solution


I.SEARCH basic housing
I.SEARCH hardware modules (watchdog, GSM/SMS, ISDN, second LAN interface, UPS)
I.SITE II UHF transmitter
64 floating input contacts
Pagers from the DE9xx line


I.SEARCH basic software
I.SEARCH HW module software
ESPA 4.4.4 interface
Response management

Reference report: Hero Lenzburg

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