Discreet Alarm in the Event of a Threat

With the handy and wireless SOS button, employees (e.g. in authorities) can unobtrusively make an emergency call and quickly request help.

What makes the SOS button special?

  • Compact design
  • Feedback via vibration
  • Long battery life
  • Alerting via the SOS portal

The SOS button is a small, handy emergency call button. It can either be worn on the body or stationary – for example under the desk. If a counselling session gets out of control and the employee feels threatened, he or she presses the SOS button unnoticed and sends an emergency call. The call is acknowledged by vibration. The alarm first reaches the SOS gateway and from there the SOS portal via the Internet. Via the automatic forwarding function of the software, colleagues, the security service and/or external rescue services can be notified, depending on the requirements. Alternatively, the SOS button can also send an alarm via the SOS mobile app instead of via the SOS gateway.

With a size of 38 x 38 x 14 mm, the SOS Button is both small and solid. It is easy to mount and, thanks to wireless communication, it can also be carried around.

The alarm is transmitted to the Swissphone alarm solution via the SOS Gateway. In combination with the SOS Beacon, the person who triggered the alarm can be located immediately and precisely.

The SOS button gives employees a sense of security in their work environment. If a threatening situation arises, they can quickly call for help at any time.

Areas of Application

  • Social authorities
  • Justice
  • Retail
  • Employment offices

Relevant Industries

  • Authorities
  • Service provider

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SOS Button in Use


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    We have many users in a large building. In some cases, there is no Wi-Fi or no mobile phone service available. Won't that be extremely expensive?

    Thanks to the simple installation, large numbers of users can be installed within a short time. You do not need to intervene in existing IT structures. In addition, the SOS gateways can be supplied with either mobile radio, WLAN or LAN. Here, the system offers decisive advantages in terms of flexibility and redundancy.

    I need different types of alarms. Is that possible?

    Yes, the system distinguishes between a test alarm and an armed alarm. The test alarm is triggered by briefly pressing the SOS button once. This way you can make sure that the system is armed. The armed alarm is triggered by pressing the button three times briefly or one time long.

    We do not have a permanently staffed security office that can receive alarms 100% of the time. Is there also a "mobile" solution?

    Yes, with the SOS Mobile App, alarms can also be received and processed decentrally – i.e. from any location. It’s easy to do via smartphone, with all the plans and information you need.