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Fully integrated local security solutions

The alarm servers ensure that in case of an event the right people are informed via the various communication channels and that the right measures can be implemented on the basis of predefined scenarios.

The Swissphone local alarm server solutions are designed for this. They dispose of numerous interfaces for the integration of your existing monitoring systems. For applications of the highest reliability, accesses and alarm servers can be deployed redundantly and coupled with an independent alarm system. Through a local paging system and dedicated end devices, the right people can be safely and precisely notified of critical communications in emergencies, even in the case of a blackout.

Aside from these local alarm server solutions, Swissphone offers hybrid alarm management solutions that combine the processing of technical alarms with the advantages of cloud-based alarm management.


The s.GUARD alarm server disposes of various interfaces to building management systems, numerous telephone systems (PBX), as well as standard automation software


The I.SEARCH alarm server is a modular system for communication, alerting and personnel searches. Thanks to its numerous interfaces, I.SEARCH offers countless opportunities for application.


The I.SITE III is a radio transmitter that can be flexibly used for quick and targeted alerting. I.SITE III is an uncomplicated entry-level solution that fulfils your personal requirements.

Minimise production downtime

In a manufacturing environment, even a few minutes or hours of production downtime can be very costly or risky. It is therefore critical to assure production continuity, for maximised efficiency and safety. This can be a challenge when the alarm output of your different control systems is not managed and filtered properly, and if the alarm is not terminated reliably to the right person.

Swissphone’s alarm management solutions allows you to filter and manage alarm output of your process control systems, production line control systems and SCADA systems, allowing you to effectively increase productivity, save costs and increase safety.

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Our Business Continuity Management

Our Business Continuity Management

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