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SOS-Mobile App

SOS-Mobile App

All you need to protect your lone worker is the SOS-Mobile App with the SOS Portal. In combination with selected smartphones, the solution is certified according to DIN VDE V 0825. With the SOS-Mobile App, your smartphone becomes a PNG (Personal Emergency Device) – for the protection of single workers and employees in threatening situations.

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1 month testing - without risks, without costs

Downloading the app for your smartphone is free. When you open the app for the first time, you can request a free 30-day demo account for the SOS-Portal. This will allow you to take full advantage of the protective functions of the SOS-Mobile App:

Fast and secure alarming in an emergency using manual and automatic emergency call functions.
Automatic forwarding of the emergency call via several channels with details of the person affected and their position.

Decentralized reception of incoming alarms and processing according to individual alarm plans. If the emergency call is not answered, it can be escalated until suitable measures are taken.

Predefined emergency plans, decentralized processing via the SOS-Mobile App

Location of the accident both inside a building and outside (GPS)

Certified according to DIN VDE V 0825, enables lone work according to DGUV rule 112-139 and according to SUVA specifications

Manual emergency call button
(voluntary emergency call)

Highest security, proven solution in use in large and small companies

Will-independent emergency call
(no-movement detection, remote life check, autonomous life check)

24 months contract, 3 months free of use

If you are satisfied with the test of the SOS-Mobile App and decide to protect your lone worker and employees in threat situations with SOS, we offer you the first three months free of charge.

Why customers have chosen Swissphone

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I was convinced that Swissphone was able to integrate our individual requirements for specific alarm functions into the s.GUARD app.

Security Officer at Bruker BioSpin AG

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The Swissphone solution has definitely benefited us over the old system, and it has allowed for a lot of future-proofing with for example the planning and installation of a defibrillation system that works with the paging system to ensure the rapid response of staff members when needed. It allows us to make a lot more improvements and make everyday life more effective.

Charlie Cunningham

IT Engineer, at Swann-Morton, Sheffield, England

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s.GUARD is the right alerting solution for us, because it enables us to meet all our needs from technical alerting, protection of single workers to the mobilization of the company ambulance from a single source, competently and reliably.

Beat Hirt

Head of technical facility management at Kistler Instrumente AG

Proven safety

Proven safety

As one of only a few app-based solutions, the SOS-Mobile App in combination with Pepperl+Fuchs smartphones of the ECOM brand as well as i.safe MOBILE smartphones is certified by the DGUV according to DIN VDE V 0825-11 “Device and test requirements for personal emergency signal systems using public telecommunications networks” and has been awarded the internationally recognized GS seal for ” Certified Safety”.

The modular and scalable emergency call solution is designed as an all-round package: Easy to install. Easy to use. Simple in function.


What is the meaning of lone working?

A person is considered to be a lone worker if, after an accident or in a critical situation, help cannot be provided immediately because, for example, he or she is working out of sight of, or out of communication with other people. Working alone is not permitted if it can lead to an injury that requires immediate assistance from a second person.

(Source: SUVA)

Where does lone working exist?

The number of people working alone is increasing in both industry and the service sector. Some examples:

  • Working in automated production processes
  • Work on production equipment (machines, systems, devices, lifts) in special operations such as cleaning or inspection work, during set-up and adjustment
  • Work in storage rooms, cellars, external storage facilities, deep-freeze storage
  • Work in power plants, waste incineration and sewage treatment plants and on landfills
  • Working in the laboratory
  • Overtime, shift, flexitime or weekend work
  • Inspections in large facilities or during inspections in establishments outside normal working hours and during holidays
  • Work in the track area of railways
  • Building technicians
  • Facility Managers

(Quelle: SUVA)

Why does Swissphone need to activate the app?

Swissphone must ensure that the app is correctly linked to the SOS-Portal and that all functionalities are activated.

Does the monitoring comply with the legal requirements regarding data protection, are single workers constantly monitored?

Swissphone strictly complies with the legal requirements. There is no permanent monitoring: Localisation is only started by an incoming emergency call/alarm.

Is it possible to make different configurations for different single workstations?

Yes, the solution offers a wide range of possibilities. From alarm types to pre-alerts and test alarms to lifecheck and an individually defined escalation management, individual needs can be integrated. At the same time, entire teams can be configured uniformly via a master function. This in turn brings increased security and uniformity.

What is monitoring exactly?

The monitoring shows a current live status report, which constantly monitors the operational readiness of the end devices in use. It also shows which devices are activated and whether they have a connection.

What information can be stored in the solution?

The strength of the app with the SOS-Portal is its openness: a large number of documents can be stored – according to your needs.
For example:

  • Building plans
  • Patient information such as allergies, blood group etc.
  • Emergency plans that must be processed
  • Contact lists
  • Automatic forwarding (SMS, e-mail, telephone, paging)

What is the test alarm for?

A test alarm can be sent at any time to ensure that the alarm chain is functioning. In this way, it is possible to regularly check whether the end devices are fully functional and transmit the alarms according to the specifications.

Who provides assistance in an emergency call?

This is determined by the deployment planning: A permanently manned control center handles emergency calls and coordinates immediate assistance. Or the company’s internal emergency service responds to the emergency calls (e.g. ambulance service). Or employees who are in the vicinity receive notification of the emergency via app, voice or text message or paging.

The main factor for us in choosing the Swissphone system was the already well-known high quality of the products and the good experience we had already had with Swissphone.
Ruedi Roth Head of Technic Hero, Schweiz

Case Studies

You can read in our customer references, why companies have chosen our solution and how they secure their lone workers.