The new s.QUAD C

Press release: The Swissphone Group is expanding its s.QUAD pager product range with the s.QUAD C. As the only two-way pager in the s.QUAD family, it sets new standards. The s.QUAD C with its integrated mobile radio module is a consistent further development of Swissphone’s existing and popular RES.Q devices.

With the integrated mobile radio module and the eSIM as a key distinguishing feature, the new s.QUAD C is unique in its family. The digital pager thus meets the requirements of the latest technological developments in the network infrastructure. It allows for additional alerting via the mobile network. At the same time, it offers emergency services the possibility of sending feedback to their control centers, for demand-oriented and automated follow-up alerting.

The pager combines typical performance features from the s.QUAD series as well as primary alerting via reliable POCSAG technology. For the first time, remote configuration and firmware updates can be carried out over the air via mobile radio. This means that the pager can be configured at any time and is always up-to-date with the latest data. With the integrated GPS and Bluetooth function, it is now possible to send an emergency call with location data via the OK button in the event of a threat. The C-model, available from 01.01.2023 can be purchased at selected partners.*

The pager will be available in two versions:

the s.QUAD C35, as well as the s.QUAD C45, whereby the latter has been expanded with positioning functions such as Bluetooth and GPS. This can be used, for example, to localize emergency forces, an essential feature for saving time and costs when it comes to planning and mobilizing emergency forces. In power management, the proven standard AA round cell convinces with its long runtime and offers an operating time of up to seven days with a constant mobile radio connection.

The s.QUAD C will be available in standard black or in brown, a new shade in the s.QUAD family.

About the Swissphone Group

Making the world safer and protecting people and assets is Swissphone’s mission. As a leading provider in the fields of alerting and critical incident management, Swissphone offers secure and uncompromisingly reliable alerting and communication solutions for companies in industry, for authorities and for organisations in the field of security.

Founded in 1969, Swissphone employs around 250 people. Swissphone is headquartered in Samstagern, Switzerland, and has subsidiaries in Germany, France, Austria and the USA.


*The product is only available in markets like Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Free data volume applies only to countries like Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.