Alarm Server I.SEARCH

On-Site Alerting with Maximum Reliability

In today’s business environment, there is a need to monitor many essential systems and provide alerts to key staff. I.SEARCH is the ideal solution to enable this critical task. The alarm server operates with maximum reliability and can be easily integrated into any IT and telecommunications environment. As an open system, I.SEARCH offers a variety of interfaces to different input modules that can be connected according to requirements and application.

Performance features at a glance

  • Highest availability and reliability
  • Numerous interfaces and protocols (web, POCSAG, SMS, mail, …)
  • Various input and output contacts
  • Monitoring of functionalities

The alarms can be sent out via a paging/SMS gateway or via a proprietary paging network. Even for large factory premises, a single transmitting station is sufficient. For more complex building structures, you can connect additional transmitting units. By simply networking several alarm servers via LAN, it is possible to extend a common alerting platform to several company premises. You can therefore centralise alarm integration and communicate company-wide.

As an on-site alarm server, I.SEARCH thus serves as a “backbone” for monitoring, informing, alerting and connecting e.g. in production companies, hospitals, administrative buildings and many other facilities.

Highest reliability and availability make the I.SEARCH a suitable alarm server especially when mission- or process-critical information has to be transmitted at high speed.

Due to its modular design, the I.SEARCH can be adapted very well to the individual requirements of the user. Thanks to many interfaces, the alarm server is open to all technologies.

Different critical events can be fully managed with a single alarm management system and highly available server hardware.

I.SEARCH: Alarm Server for a Robust Information System

Not only the hardware of the on-site alarm server is designed for maximum availability and transmission security during alarming. Integrated monitoring functions continuously check the I.SEARCH system – both the radio network and the hardware and software. Any errors that occur are forwarded to other systems.

To increase availability, the I.SEARCH system can also be run redundantly: Escalation, absence and shift plan management support the user in planning resources.



The modular alarm server
Datasheet I.SEARCH

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