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Do your alerting, medical pagers and emergency communication systems consist of various isolated solutions which don’t effect synergies and consume unnecessary resources? And do your employees complain about too many alarms, or even about false alarms? Would you prefer to manage all alarms within your facility via one central alert management system?


Reliability and security are the typical qualities you can rely on as a Swissphone customer. We offer authorities and organisations with security tasks tailor-made and perfectly coordinated solutions for the entire alerting chain. Emergency forces must be alerted safely and quickly – this can save lives.


The reliable transmission of information, whether for alerting, notification or a person search: This is our core business. We develop and build high-availability digital paging networks – at local, regional or national level.

Emergency Call Systems

Improve protection for vulnerable staff and lone workers with our innovative emergency call systems. Ensure immediate assistance in the event of an indoor/outdoor accident or threat. All interventions are carefully documented.

Alarm Management

Recognise critical situations in good time and take the right countermeasures automatically: With this aim in mind, and to guarantee reliable alerting, we integrate and centralise our customers’ alarm management systems, both on-site and in the cloud.

Secure alerting systems for a variety of needs

Hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes are increasingly exposed to new and complex challenges in terms of alerting and critical emergency communications. In one way or another, your doctors, healthcare professionals, IT managers, facility management, patients and visitors all rely on secure critical alert systems and critical emergency communications.

Different roles, one alert

Healthcare organisations can use Swissphone’s s.GUARD middleware solution to manage and control alerts arriving from various systems. Nursing personnel with different roles can be easily organised and streamlined so that alerts are only sent to the right people. This will help your teams respond more quickly to patient calls, prevent a flood of alerts, and increase the efficiency of your care. A Swissphone solution also allows you to define different roles within your teams and send alerts securely and efficiently via various communication channels.

Different roles one alert

Centralisation of different alarms

The s.GUARD middleware solution integrates all alarm systems including nurse calls, patient monitoring and infusion pumps. A range of different groups can benefit from the integration of alarms:

Nurse calls:

  • increase efficiency
  • reduce over-alerting of nursing staff
  • improve patient satisfaction

Patient monitoring systems:

  • improve the visibility of a patient’s condition
  • offer increased patient safety
  • improve patient satisfaction

Infusion pumps:

  • call the right nurse more promptly
  • increase patient safety
  • improve patient satisfaction

Why paging?

Alerting solutions need to work when nothing else does. Based on the open POCSAG standard, paging combines a series of advantages that make it more practical, resilient and cost-efficient than any other alerting technology, including smartphone apps. This is due to two fundamental characteristics: First, POCSAG paging is a broadcast technology; this virtually rules out the possibility of the network being congested. Second, its low frequencies lead to great indoor penetration. Both these characteristics help paging satisfy the basic requirements of an alerting solution in the most cost-effective way. Also, based on this solid foundation, modern POCSAG paging solutions from Swissphone feature many innovations that further increase its resiliency and speed, making paging the go-to technology when getting a message across safely.

Swissphone Hands free Crash team

A pager for voice and text messages

In hospitals, different staff profiles have different requirements when it comes to paging. Some roles prefer a silent notification and text message that does not disturb patients. Others, like the emergency ward team, prefer a loud and clear voice dispatch via their pager as it allows them to keep both hands clear when working on a patient or moving about the building. Alternatively, they require both at the same time. Swissphone’s unique s.QUAD Voice pager with POCSAGdelivers both text messages and voice dispatch – with the same device. For maximum flexibility regarding matching your processes to your pager fleet, and ultimately for satisfied employees and patients.

Critical Messaging

Due to increasing automation and digitisation, more and more technical systems are generating more and more alarms and messages. If these alarm systems are insufficiently integrated, the overview is easily lost. Swissphone offers solutions for the integration and centralisation of a wide range of systems at the customer’s site, as well as for combining them with horizontal applications such as Building Automation Systems (BAS) and other, stand-alone solutions. With IMASYS®, Swissphone also offers high-availablity messaging as a service solution (MaaS) which, in addition to sending messages, enables the implementation of emergency, alarm and messaging concepts with targeted escalation and stored alarm plans. This ensures that, at all times, the right message reaches the right recipient quickly and reliably.

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IWCE 2020

The International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) brings together people of the critical messaging sector.


Our Business Continuity Management

Our Business Continuity Management

In the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Swissphone Wireless AG has implemented important measures to guarantee the availability of business-critical processes.

Hampshire FRS replaces legacy alerters with
s.QUAD premium paging device

As a long-standing customer, Hampshire FRS turned
to PageOne Communications to help replace existing
alerters embedded in the organisation over 12 years ago.
Hampshire knew they needed to invest in more modern
alerters to better mobilise staff and improve their call-out
procedure due to geographical and transmission issues.


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