Saving Time & Money – Saving Time &Amp; Money – Higher Efficiency with Two-Way Pagers

For volunteer firefighters all across Europe, a POCSAG paging system provides solid performance at modest costs and is a dependable backup for the national radio network. Learn how the Scottish Ambulance Service and the fire brigades of Saarland and Sankt Augustin are using two-way pagers to boost coordination and resilience while cutting response times and costs.


  • For the Scottish Ambulance Service, the two-way pagers help distribute key information and attain the goal of multi-network resilience.
  • Saarland’s integrated control centre has reduced the time to alert the required number of volunteers and send them to an incident by up to 15 minutes.
  • The Rhineland town of Sankt Augustin’s fire brigade has cut its annual wage costs by €53,500. The brigade’s 125 RES.Q paid for themselves within six months.

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