Alarm with Emergency Call Button

Unfortunately, verbal abuse, insults and even violent attacks against firefighters and emergency personnel are not as rare as one might assume. Studies have shown that there is a massive increase of attacks on firefighters and emergency staff. The estimated number is even significantly higher since numerous attacks are not reported because of the required bureaucratic effort. It is therefore even more important that emergency staff have a quick, reliable and simple method to call for help.

Calling for help discretely

Swissphone has addressed this issue and can now offer a practical system solution that is already in use in multiple locations. The Res.Q alarm system has been armed with an SOS emergency button: If this button is pushed for an extended amount of time, an automatic emergency call inclusive of the originating location is made to a previously defined command center. Rescue staff are therefore always able to provide help inconspicuously. If required, an alert siren can be activated as deterrence or to be able to locate the person making the emergency call in a crowd.


Automatic escalation

The RES.Q system is an innovative alarm terminal by Swissphone. In addition to the alarm system by means of the proven and reliable POCSAG technology, it also features integrated mobile communication and an optional GPS module. The distress relay is handled by the proven Swissphone SOS portal, which transmits the emergency calls inclusive of location data to a control center or other support staff via telephone call, SMS and E-Mail. Automatic escalation is possible in case support staff does not respond to a telephone call.

The system is presently in trial operation with several fire departments in Germany with very positive initial experiences. We expect the initial reference reports shortly.