RES.Q – Future-proved hybrid alerting with feedback channel

In order to meet the increasing demands for reliable and precise alerting, Swissphone Wireless AG has revised and extended its hybrid pager RES.Q. The philosophy of hybrid alerting has proven itself in practice: The combination of POCSAG and mobile radio technology has important benefits for blue-light organisations – both in terms of providing aid in a timely manner and in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

More than just an alarm terminal: Hybrid alerting and feedback

The RES.Q is available in four different models. The RES.Q XS is the basic model. A 2G mobile radio module is integrated in the device, whereby the RES.Q XS 2 offers a 3G module, that allows both technical and tactical feedback. When technical feedback is received, the control centre automatically receives a confirmation that the alarm has reached the recipient. When tactical feedback is given, the recipient responds directly via the pager and the mobile network whether he or she will be available or not (acknowledgment). The command centre always has an overview of whether enough emergency services are available at the location; subsequent alarms can be triggered quickly and target-oriented if necessary. The integration of the mobile radio module also offers additional advantages. A volunteer can inform the control centre or the responsible commander of his or her current availability. In this way, they have – virtually in real time – information about which emergency services are on standby and can be called out in the event of an incident. In the event of a coverage shortfall, a neighboring organisation can be informed and put on standby at an early stage.

Location-based services and the highest level of privacy protection

Compared to the basic model XS, the RES.Q S is additionally equipped with a GPS module which enables various location-dependent services. Swissphone attaches great importance to the privacy of users: The user is always able to deactivate the GPS directly at the end device itself. The system itself cannot circumvent this important functionality and complies therefore with the user’s requirements for privacy. Whenever possible, the location is processed directly in the terminal device; the position is in principle only disclosed for emergency calls. An important application example is the location-dependent alerting, the so-called “geo alarm”. The device itself decides whether it is located within the alarmed area or not. However, no position data will be sent from the device. These system properties enable additional localisation-based applications such as geo readiness or emergency calls (starting with the RES.Q M). Thus, privacy and data protection remain guaranteed under any circumstances.

SOS emergency button

More and more often, emergency forces find themselves in unpleasant or even dangerous situations; the number of attacks on the rescue service has risen sharply in recent years. For this reason, the RES.Q M was upgraded with an SOS emergency call button. If this is held down for a longer period of time, an emergency call including localisation is automatically sent to the pre-defined control centre. This allows rescue forces to always be able to call for help in an unobtrusive way.

Top model prepared for the future: RES.Q L

Like the RES.Q M, the top model, the RES.Q L, can also trigger emergency calls. In addition to this, it is now equipped with 3G mobile radio. Furthermore, it has an integrated BLE module, which enables indoor positioning via iBeacon, as well as providing opportunities for future new applications. With these enhancements, the RES.Q L model represents a high level of investment protection.

Comprehensive options

Users of the RES.Q series can create 32 call addresses with up to 4 subaddresses each. 128 independent alarm addresses). Up to 64 select as well as toggle profiles are available. The device also supports 3G wireless networks and its battery life has been improved by up to 30 percent. The RES.Q can be adapted to the individual application and user behaviour by means of a wide range of accessories. The offer includes bags, charger, alarm lamps and chains.