Mobile Radio Data Module DiCal-RED

The DiCal-Red radio data module reliably guides you to your destination. This is ensured by the linking of navigation (also for the transmission of position data) and various radio modules.

Performance Features at a Glance

  • Compact design and uncomplicated installation
  • Up to four radio networks possible
  • Automatic navigation after receiving the mission texts and coordinates
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Integration of hardware modules such as status panels

Compact design, robust housing: the DiCal-RED can be easily integrated into any emergency vehicle. Operation is simple and convenient – ideal for the hectic drive to the scene of an emergency.

On board are optional modules for the common data radio paths (POCSAG, TETRA, LTE) as well as various inputs and outputs (RS232, I/O, LAN, USB, etc.) An optional WLAN module functions as a client or access point and offers, among other things, the possibility of convenient access for configuration or software updates.

The radio data module can be customised according to your needs. This applies to the hardware and also the software options. This is made possible by the modular design of the DiCal-RED.


Brochure DiCal-RED
Fast and reliable data communication and automatic navigation for operational vehicles...

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