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In an emergency, it is crucial that first responders can be reached quickly at any location and under the most challenging circumstances. Our terminals reliably alert you even in remote locations. Our wide range of powerful and robust pagers and terminals enable digital or analogue alerting, providing information in text or voice messages. They enable secure two-way communication, allowing responders to acknowledge an alert or give feedback on their status.

Also, when working alone or in hazardous environments, first responders and employees need to be able to call for help in the most reliable manner. Our devices also allow you to call for help or will call for help automatically if you have an accident via our SOS-Portal.

Overview of our pager selection

Our wide range of powerful and robust pagers and terminals enable digital or analogue alerting, providing information in text or voice messages.


The s.QUAD delights with its robustness, outstanding reception and its alerting volume.


The HURRICANE DUO offers alerting with text and speech messages in one device. It reads text messages to the user via the built-in loudspeaker.


The s. QUAD ATEX and the s. QUAD Voice ATEX are state-of-the-art pagers approved for use in hazardous areas. They are very loud, they vibrate and feature a flashing light for use in extreme conditions.

All our pagers and detectors are characterised by above-average reception performance, robust features and the best possible battery autonomy. Their intuitive operation and great wearing comfort make them reliable assistants in every situation.

With a reception sensitivity of less than 2.5 μV / m, our s.QUAD detector is the best in its class. Its battery autonomy of up to three months and its robustness are unparalleled. In addition, thanks to its Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection, the s.QUAD is the first smart pager on the market to connect to a smartphone when needed.

The RES.Q pager is a two-way pager that combines paging, mobile phone technology and optional GPS in one device. Hybrid paging – the use of multiple networks – maximises redundancy and resilience. In addition, both the RES.Q and the s.QUAD guarantee efficient resource management through their return channel options.

Our HURRICANE DUO offers digital alerting with text and voice messages. The received text messages are also read aloud to the user.

The s.QUAD ATEX is specially designed for use in areas that require explosion-proof terminal devices.


We offer a great demo program that allows you to test the equipment in real emergency situations. Choose your demo, fill in the form and start testing.

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Requirements for an alarm system

In an emergency, every second counts. When it comes to protecting life and property, there is no room for compromise. That’s why the main requirements for an alarm solution are speed, availability and reliability. This means that alarms must be transmitted immediately to the right people, often simultaneously to a large number of emergency services. The alarm network must ensure the highest possible radio coverage – in remote outdoor areas as well as in cellars and underground car parks. In addition, the networks must be highly available so that alarms can be triggered and communication can take place even in the event of a power failure or when a power line is connected. We have the solution to all of these requirements.

The advantages for blue light organizations at a glance

  • Fast and secure transmission of alarm messages
  • Simultaneous alarming of all necessary emergency forces or groups
  • High system availability (24/7/365)
  • Ensured availability of the emergency forces – reliable and safe, thanks to professional radio planning (area-wide and indoor supply)
  • Redundancy and emergency power supply for all critical system components
  • No blocking interference of the alarm channel by other users (e.g. by radio transmissions)
  • System monitoring and status or error detection
  • Low operating costs
  • High investment protection
  • Robust terminals with maximum accessibility

Why paging?

Alerting solutions need to work when nothing else does. Based on the open POCSAG standard, paging combines a series of advantages that make it more practical, resilient and cost-efficient than any other alerting technology, including smartphone apps. This is due to two fundamental characteristics: First, POCSAG paging is a broadcast technology; this virtually rules out the possibility of the network being congested. Second, its low frequencies lead to great indoor penetration. Both these characteristics help paging satisfy the basic requirements of an alerting solution in the most cost-effective way. Also, based on this solid foundation, modern POCSAG paging solutions from Swissphone feature many innovations that further increase its resiliency and speed, making paging the go-to technology when getting a message across safely.


BLUETOOTH: makes it possible to connect the s.QUAD with a compatible smartphone and ultimately with various s.ONE software solutions from Swissphone.
EXPRESS ALARM: With the patented Express-Alarm® feature, the dispatcher can compile task group RIC addresses and link the alert texts accordingly. Instead of each RIC address being notified one at a time, the alert text is sent simultaneously to all needed users. Less data allows for faster transmission time.
IDEA ENCRYPTION: Encryption technology employed by Swissphone allows secure transmission of confidential messages. All messages are secured from the dispatcher to the pager which means that messages can only be read by authorised pagers. The 128-bit protection key delivers one of the highest levels of security currently available.
Wide-PLL: The reception frequency can be programmed within a bandwidth of up to 10 MHz.
ECO MODE: In idle state, the pager is set in a sleep mode and the display is switched off. At all times, the pager remains active and ready to receive alarm signals.

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Our Business Continuity Management

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