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Network monitoring made easy

The monitor receivers MS POCSAG LAN and MS POCSAG RS232 output messages via the Ethernet or RS232 interface. With the help of definable address ranges, POCSAG networks can be easily monitored. Configuration is done via USB or LAN. The MS POCSAG RS232 I/O variant additionally supports 6 output contacts which are activated via a switching command.

MS POCSAG can be used in encrypted networks. For example, outputs can only be switched if the correct key was used during sending.

Features and advantages

  • 32 call addresses (RICs) with 4 sub-addresses each
  • Definable address ranges (RICs)
  • Excellent receiver sensitivity
  • 1 or 6 output contacts
  • Supports IDEA™ for use even in encrypted networks
DiCal Paging Network Controller (PNC)

DiCal Paging Network Controller (PNC)

Heart of the critical communication infrastructure

The DiCal Paging Network Controller forms the core of the communication infrastructure for alerting. Alarm messages from the control centre are processed by the PNC, i.e. prioritised according to criteria, and transmitted to the pagers via broadcast procedure. If a fault is diagnosed in the alarm network, it is immediately reported to the person responsible in the control centre or to the service personnel. This message can be sent by e-mail, SNMP, Modbus or SMS. The failure of a base station is such a situation, in which the alarm server then falls back on defined scenarios. The message can be transmitted to the pagers smoothly and thus reliably without any loss of time.
The dispatcher controls the distribution of paging data and the configuration of the base stations via the PNC.

Features and advantages

  • Remote configuration of the base stations in the alarm network
  • Monitoring the condition of the base stations
  • Prioritisation according to age and frequency of alarm messages for fast alarm transmission
  • Ensuring the distribution of the alarm in the alerting network
  • Automatic processing of predefined scenarios in the event of a fault


Compact receiver for good readability

The DiCal-ToM is a POCSAG receiver with a 7″ touch monitor (800 x 480 pixels). With the DiCal-ToM, alarm messages can be easily read even from a greater distance. The receiver also prints the messages automatically or manually via the USB interface on all common printers.

Features and advantages

  • Audio playback of MP3 files on alarm reception
  • Display of time and alarm input
  • Line audio output for controlling e.g. PA systems
  • Switching output potential-free via relay; switching time configurable
  • High reception sensitivity < 1 µV/m
  • 32 RIC areas (over 1 million RICs in total)


Double protection in the event of a malfunction

The digital alarm transmitter and PC called DiCal-Touch can be connected to the alarm infrastructure of the control centre (optionally as a redundant system) in the function as a paging network controller. It thus serves as a fallback level and, with its parallel structure of the radio network concept, secures the transmission of the alarm even in the event of a complete failure of the control centre. The prerequisite is careful site planning and network configuration.

Features and advantages

  • Network structure, network configuration
  • Optional encryption
  • Mains monitoring
  • Radio network control (PNC)
  • Message texts customisable
  • Any number of one-touch keys
  • Free phone number entry
  • Network interface and serial interface
Satellite-Based Communication System

Satellite-Based Communication System

Satellite-based communication system

SatLink-BOS enables data and voice communication via a geostationary satellite that is independent of terrestrial networks and available at any time. The system was specially developed for the operational communication of authorities and organisations with security tasks (BOS). SatLink-BOS can be used flexibly as a tripod solution, as a self-aligning solution or as a stationary solution. In the case of digital alerting, SatLink-BOS also offers a solution for a backup base: if land-based connections fail, a connection via satellite can ensure the usual network quality and speed. SatLink-BOS provides direct access to the Internet via satellite and also enables telephony via VoIP. With specially suited routers for satellite technology, the range of applications is rounded off with VPN tunnels. This allows two or more locations or vehicles to be integrated into a common and protected network.

Features and advantages

  • State-of-the-art IP technology for voice and data transmission
  • Data transmission from/to the control centre, command centre or authority, secured by optimised VPN technology for satellite radio
  • Internet access
  • Simplest handling: ready for operation within ten minutes
  • No bandwidth limit
  • No consumer / camper on the network


Technical Datasheet DiCal-ToM
DiCal-ToM: POCSAG receiver with 7 "touch monitor

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