The s.QUAD Pager with the s.ONE App: The Future of Alerting

The s.ONE app is ideal for organizations that want to offer their users the convenience of an alerting app alongside reliable and secure alerting with pagers.

Thanks to the s.ONE app all digital and analogue (s.QUAD Voice) s.QUAD pagers, regardless of their year of manufacture, become two-way capable: This is made possible by the integrated BLE interface in each device and the coupling with a standard smartphone, providing the following new features:

  • Hybrid alarm: Parallel alerting from the s.QUAD pager either via digital or analog radio or the smartphone’s cellular or WiFi connection – coupled with the s.QUAD via the BLE interface.
  • Feedback: Before an alarm the first responder can indicate whether he or she is currently available. After an alarm the first responder can report whether he or she is on the way.

s.QUAD pagers become two-way terminals

The hybrid alarm and feedback capability offer the following advantages for the wider organisation, local management, and individual first responders:

  • Redundancy: Critical messages are delivered by multiple networks, increasing the probability of delivery. This redundancy makes the alarming process safer and faster, making it easier to reduce and meet response time targets.
  • Network coverage: Emergency alerts can be delivered outside of the organisation’s private paging network, using cellular or WLAN, saving investment in network consolidation.
  • Preparedness: Persons in charge know at any time and in real-time whether they have enough first responders available to cover all scenarios in an emergency. As a result, they can take precautionary measures if needed.
  • Greater efficiency: The feedback allows for more precise alerting. Only the necessary first responders will be alerted. If too few respond, a second and third callout will be be initiated immediately. This in turn can increase volunteers’ motivation as well as employers’ support.

The second screen on your smartphone

In addition to the s.QUAD pager upgrade, organizations can offer to their first responders the convenience of an alerting app. Going forward, receiving and responding to messages, and changing one’s availability status can be carried out on the s.ONE app as well as on the pager – when the two are connected. This maintains an alerting process which is highly reliable, respecting information privacy concerns.

Introductory promotion

Introducing this new two-way solution with s.ONE and the s.ONE app, Swissphone is offering a launch promotion until the end of March 2021. The promotion is valid for the purchase of the following two-way devices:

  • S.QUAD x15, with hybrid alarm and feedback option
  • S.QUAD x35, with hybrid alarm and feedback option
  • S.QUAD Voice, with hybrid alarm and feedback option

Please contact your Swissphone office or local dealer for details.

How to test the s.ONE app?

Swissphone will give you the opportunity to test the new two-way solution and the s.ONE app, with the s.ONE platform, free of charge (free license for a period of 3 months).

The s.ONE app is supported from Android version 5.1.1. and IOS version 11 or higher.