Messaging Solution I.CAST

Efficient Voice and Text Alerts via Messaging

The I.CAST is the solution for analogue and synchronous voice transmission for alerting purposes. It offers secure despatchof voice and text messages via paging.

What makes the I.CAST different?

  • Compact 3U format for 19″ mounting – takes up a minimum of space in crowded equipment rooms
  • Integrated backup battery for up to 4 hours of autonomous operation, meaning that critical messages can be despatched, even during power outages
  • Priority of speech over  POCSAG -paging
  • Scalable as a network for high availability applications
  • SDR-based dual/ analogue voice/POCSAG mode for voice and digital text messages

The I.CAST is the popular voice alerting and messaging solution for operators of hospitals or industrial parks. It can be controlled either by the Swissphone alarm solution s.GUARD or directly via a SIP-enabled input device. The system enables analogue and synchronous voice transmission for alerting purposes or as messaging via simulcast. The I.CAST can be used either in stand-alone operation or as a highly available cluster.


Datasheet I.CAST
The Unique Analog Voice/POCSAG Simulcast Solution for On-Site and Wide Area Voice Paging Networks

I.CAST in Action for Your Industry