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Protection in the most efficient way for IT environements

IT service providers are exposed to various risks: on the one hand there are digital threats posed by cyber crime, as well as physical threats such as burglary, fire, power failures and water damage. Furthermore, there are peripheral systems like air conditioning and emergency power which must be continuously checked. All these systems must be constantly monitored in order to send alerts to the right people in the shortest possible time if any incidents or irregularities should occur. And last but not least, there is the important issue of lone worker safety and the protection of those who maintain the data center servers.


Reliability and security are the typical qualities you can rely on as a Swissphone customer. We offer authorities and organisations with security tasks tailor-made and perfectly coordinated solutions for the entire alerting chain. We develop innovative software solutions, design secure alarm networks and produce reliable and robust pagers/detectors in Switzerland. Emergency forces must be alerted safely and quickly – this can save lives.


The reliable transmission of information, whether for alerting, notification or a person search: This is our core business. We develop and build high-availability digital paging networks – at local, regional or national level.

A solution for many threats to your IT infrastructure.

Our IT safety alerts include monitoring of your on-site workers and deploy a range of sensors:

  • humidity
  • temperature
  • air pollution
  • building automation
  • lone workers
  • fire
  • water damage
  • threat scenarios

Prevent downtime

For IT companies, alerting is an essential aspect of security. After all, the aim is to secure uninterrupted 24/7 operation for 365 days a year. However, companies both large and small appreciate this aspiration cannot always be met. Nevertheless, our Swissphone solution means you will be optimally prepared for any disruption, so you can detect potential downtime at an early stage and react swiftly in the event of any loss or damage. We can incorporate all your alarms on one single platform, regardless of source.

Critical messaging

Due to increasing automation and digitization, more and more technical systems are generating more and more alarms and messages. If these alarm systems are insufficiently integrated, the overview is easily lost. Swissphone offers solutions for the integration and centralization of a wide range of systems at the customer’s site, as well as for combining them with horizontal applications such as Building Automation Systems (BAS) and other, stand-alone solutions. With IMASYS®, Swissphone also offers high-availability messaging as a service solution (MaaS) which, in addition to sending messages, enables the implementation of emergency, alarm and messaging concepts with targeted escalation and stored alarm plans. This ensures that, at all times, the right message reaches the right recipient quickly and reliably.

App-based alerting

Smartphones are our constant companions. If dedicated terminals are not available, they enable alarms to be triggered and received via apps. With IMASYS Alert, Swissphone offers a proven and reliable smartphone solution which, in addition to an app, also enables other channels such as automated voice calls, SMS and email as fallback at any time. This allows the alarms to be acknowledged and therefore an automatic escalation thanks to stored alarm plans. IMASYS Alert can be used either as a cloud-based alarm management solution or as a component of Swissphone’s highly available paging solutions. This ensures that critical individuals can be informed easily and securely at any time.

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Our Business Continuity Management

Our Business Continuity Management

In the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Swissphone Wireless AG has implemented important measures to guarantee the availability of business-critical processes.
Case study. IT provider KSD, Switzerland.

One alarm system for many kinds of alarm

The company operates around 700 servers plus peripheral systems,
housed in two company data centres. And because these data centres
manage lots of personal information and other kinds of sensitive data,
secure data protection is absolutely critical, as is the need for a
continuously available IT infrastructure. The company approached
Swissphone AG, a workshop was arranged to jointly define the present
status and the desired target status of the KSD facility.


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